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    The Emissions and Smoke Portal brings together information, documents, websites, and training materials on smoke management and air quality. The information provided here reflects the efforts of the NWCG Smoke Committee to provide interagency leadership, coordination, and integration of air resources and fire management objectives to support overall land management goals. It also reflects efforts of the University of Idaho to provide the best available science and information for land management professionals to apply in their work.

    Below you will find a list of recent presentations and upcoming smoke events around the country. For education and information resources check out the topics in the top navigation bar (above). For peer reviewed papers and data, check out the FRAMES catalog of smoke content.

    Latest Presentations & News

    Event Calendar

    Webinar 3/8/18 - The Current Landscape of Air Quality Sensors - Networks, Performance, and Communication Strategies (Kristen Benedict (EPA/OAQPS) & Ronald Williams (EPA/ORD)

    This presentation will provides an overview of the landscape of air sensor projects. Topics covered will include the number and types of project happening domestically and across the world, performance of low cost devices and parameters to consider when choosing a device, applications for sensor data, and the communication of real-time information to the public.

    title slideWestern Governors Association - Chairman's Initiative Webinar: Prescribed Fire: Smoke Management and Regulatory Challenges

    The webinar examined challenges facing the use of prescribed fire and opportunities to expand the use of prescribed fire as an element of responsible land management. The discussion explored the current regulatory framework, the intersection of EPA regulations and exceptional events criteria, how states have implemented best practices and models for prescribed fires, and increasing state engagement in the use of prescribed fire.

    Title slide for the rx 101 webinar with authors namesPrescribed Fire 101 Webinar Recording (Dec. 2017)

    A free one and a half hour webinar from the Southern Fire Exchange, the Southeastern Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS) and the NWCG Smoke Committee. Presentation by Alan Long, Ph.D. of the Southern Fire Exchange.

    More events listed on our Smoke News and Events archive page.

    The Current Landscape of Air Quality Sensors - Networks, Performance, and Communication Strategies


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