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In a Time of Change: The Art of Fire is a visual art project designed generate excitement, facilitate mutual understanding and promote meaningful dialogue on issues related to fire science and society. The interaction between artists, fire managers and scientists can promote understanding and awareness of the scientific basis behind fire management practices in the context of Alaska's changing ecosystems.

Nine local artists were invited to embrace the inspiration of wildfire, fire science and fire management to create a unique art exhibit. “In a Time of Change: The Art of Fire” is funded by the Joint Fire Science Program and was developed by the Alaska Fire Science Consortium (AFSC) and the Bonanza Creek Long Term Ecological Research Station (LTER).

The work facilitates a sense of place, and helps to understand the functionality of fire in the ecosystems of Interior Alaska. Understanding that role is an important part of effective land management. The project brings together not just two perspectives on the subject but three: the management component unveils another layer of expertise and inspiration.