Top Ten Fire Management Searches

Top Ten Fire Management Searches

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About this website:

In early 2011, the SWFSC reached out to fire managers and researchers in the Southwest to get input about critical research needs in the Southwest. Through surveys, meetings and workshops, the fire community expressed their most pressing research questions and information needs. The targeted searches accessible through this website are a direct response to the needs expressed by the community.

About the SWFSC:

The SWFSC aims to facilitate communication and information transfer between researchers and land managers involved in wildland fire science and fire management in the Southwest. The SWFSC is a grant funded program through the Joint Fire Science Program and consists of partners from major land management agencies, research agencies and institutes, land grant universities, and regional collaborative organizations. Through our efforts we hope to provide a mechanism which integrates science and management to ensure that the best available science is applied in management.

For questions or further information on this website or the topics presented please contact the SWFSC Coordinator at or 928-523-1148. Visit the SWFSC website at