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The FIREMON software application is no longer supported.

We suggest using the FFI software instead. FFI will accommodate data collected using the FIREMON protocols. See the FFI website for more information.


FIREMON Software Manuals

The FIREMON database software allows users to enter data, generate summary reports, and perform other data management tasks. The FIREMON database software consists of a Java application and a Microsoft Access database. The Java application provides the user interface with FIREMON data through data entry forms, data summary reports, and other data management tools. The Microsoft Access database contains the tables that store the actual FIREMON data and the standard lookup codes used in various FIREMON fields.

Getting Started with the FIREMON Database
FIREMON Database User Manual
FIREMON Analysis Tools Guide

History of FIREMON Application Database Versions

History of FIREMON Database Software:

FIREMON v.1.1.0

Initial release of the FIREMON database software on the website www. firemon.

FIREMON v.1.1.1

The data summary query for fuel loadings now divides by the correct number of fuel transects sampled.

FIREMON v.2.1.0

Initial release of JFiremon, the Java application which replaces the FIREMON application database (firemonapp.mde). Data summary queries are replaced by a C program (sum.exe) which generates data summaries for the reports in JFiremon. There are now separate directories in the default firemon directory for plot photos (/photos) and documents (/documents).

FIREMON v.2.1.1

Import / Export functionality added to faciliate data sharing and combining data sets. Easier database switching using New and Open options on toolbar. Ability to view local species codes and other item codes from main toolbar.

History of FIREMON Analysis Tools (FMAT) Versions:

FMAT v.1.0

Initial release of the FMAT with FIREMON database software.

FMAT v.1.0.1

Current version now allows up to 500 plots to be processed. Using more than 10 plots in the previous version caused an array error. Current version will now accept negative slopes. Previous version reported negative slopes as errors and treated them as 0.

FMAT v.1.2.0

New shrub and herbaceous biomass equations added. Standard deviations added to reports. Export feature added to summary reports.

FMAT v.1.2.1

The sporadic error message "No record found in TDMacro" that occurred when selecting the FVS option has been corrected. The Dunnet's t-test now tests for differences at two significance levels (alpha = 0.05 and alpha = 0.01). The previous version tested for differences only at the alpha = 0.05 significance level.

FMAT v.1.3.1

Updated version of FMAT software.


Duncan Lutes - Development Lead
Fire Ecologist, USFS
Phone: (406) 329-4761

Robert Keane - Principal Investigator / Agency Lead
Research Ecologist, USFS

Carl Key
Geographer, USGS

Nate Benson
Fire Ecologist, NPS

John Caratti
Quantitative Ecologist, SEM

Larry Gangi
Programmer, SEM