Sampling Methods

FIREMON contains the following sampling procedures for monitoring ecosystem characteristics: plot description, tree data, fuel load, species composition, cover/frequency, point intercept, density, line intercept, and rare species. Below are sampling forms/data sheets, monitoring protocols/methods, and field equipment checklists for monitoring these characteristics. Additionally, there are forms to record metadata information and fire behavior, as well as a general FIREMON 'How to Guide', appendices, and glossary.


Duncan Lutes - Development Lead
Fire Ecologist, USFS
Phone: (406) 329-4761

Robert Keane - Principal Investigator / Agency Lead
Research Ecologist, USFS

Carl Key
Geographer, USGS

Nate Benson
Fire Ecologist, NPS

John Caratti
Quantitative Ecologist, SEM

Larry Gangi
Programmer, SEM