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Definition: The prevalent or characteristic meteorological conditions of any place or region, and their extremes.
(National Wildfire Coordinating Group/Fire Research And Management Exchange System)

Fire climate, which may be thought of as the synthesis of daily fire weather over a long period of time, is a dominant factor in fire-control planning. In a broad sense, climate is the major factor in determining the amount and kind of vegetation growing in an area, and this vegetation makes up the fuels available for wildland fires.

*Exerpt From: Schroeder and Buck, 2004. Climate. In: The Forest Encyclopedia Network., Encyclopedia Identification: 6386. [Date accessed: July 16, 2005].

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Job: Ecologist - Fire (posted March 14, 2018)

About this Position:

Simulation Modeling

Performs duties that focus around spatially detailed ecological landscape models. Sets the framework and criteria of the models and calibrates, aligns, regulates, and substantiates the models. Investigates fire-vegetation-climate fuels synergy by employing these landscape models on diverse geographic expanses and employing a sequence of nontraditional and/or unconventional land management events. Is responsible for developing a series of interrelated field and simulation studies aimed at validating model application. Collaborates with unit employees to employ leading statistical analysis methods to execute complicated analyses related to GIS simulations. Assists in technology transfer by presenting research results to users through the following processes: publications, workshops, computer programs, and web sites. Is responsible for documenting all methods in the form of written reports suitable for direct inclusion into publishable manuscripts or NEPA documents, and may occasionally be tasked with the assignment of senior author.

Fire Hazard and Risk

Employs remote sensing, image processing, and multivariate statistical analysis to conduct field and data analysis studies of complicated ecological associations, impacts, and aspects. Incorporates the collection, application, and development of spatial data relating to landscape ecology to map fuels, fire regimes, and other fire-related features including severity, hazard, and risk traversing landscapes of the U.S. Devises specifics of field, office, and remote sensing work to bolster remote sensing mapping by combining remotely sensed information yields with gridded climate information, topography, and field information to develop spatial data layer products of fire severity. Intricate examination and determination of spatial data is administered utilizing complicated and advanced statistical analyses to reinforce the amalgamation of spatial ecological data into technology transfer efforts through publications, computer programs and web sites.

Wildland Fuel

Works in close collaboration with scientists in using remote sensing data to classify fuels and vegetation, which is analyzed and combined with terrain data and is used to predict fire behavior and fire effects. Complicated and advanced statistical analyses are executed to reinforce the amalgamation related to wildland fuel into technology transfer efforts through publications, computer programs, and web sites. Provides leadership in project design and management for original scientific investigations using remote sensing, statistical analysis and comprehensive knowledge of fieldwork to promote wildland fuel sampling ventures, ecological simulation modeling, and fire severity mapping.

Field Efforts

Oversees day-to-day operations of aids and technicians and trains them in processes and procedures for field and office work, including safety training for various work situations. Plans and coordinates work schedules, plans for office and field work, and develops and executes comprehensive quality assurance and quality control procedures. Informs supervisor of anticipated work force needs and takes actions to procure temporary help, supplies, and equipment necessary to assure the requirements of the projects are met.

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Job: Yellow Island Preserve Steward (posted March 14, 2018)

The Yellow Island Preserve Steward is responsible for day-to-day oversight of the Yellow Island Preserve and the associated Marine Protected Area (MPA) and implements preserve management projects in consultation and cooperation with the Puget Sound Stewardship Coordinator and the Washington Stewardship Manager. The Preserve Steward lives on and maintains the preserve ; interacts with visitors; performs routine maintenance of trails, equipment, and structures; provides surveillance of the surrounding Marine Protected Area; and is responsible for all record keeping related to the MPA and land management projects. This position works closely with the Stewardship Coordinator and Manager and requires regular contact with Conservancy members and the general public.

This is a resident seasonal position (May–October) with heaviest activity occurring on weekends, especially during spring and early summer. As a requirement of this position and pursuant to an employee housing agreement, the Preserve Steward must live on the island in a cabin owned by The Nature Conservancy during the employment period. In addition, a boat will be provided for transport to and from the island.

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Job: Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition - Program Manager (posted March 12, 2018)

The program manager serves and represents the Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition (CWSC) in the Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network; assists with daily operations to help prepare individuals, families, and communities for wildfire; and executes and fulfills the organizations mission and philosophy. The Washington Resource Conservation and Development (WA RC&D) Council, a 501(c)3, is the fiscal sponsor for the CWSC. The CWSC secures contracts to perform fuel reduction on private lands and wildfire preparedness and forest restoration education and outreach. The CWSC is seeking capacity to fulfill the contractual obligations of private foundation grants, federal and state contracts.

As an employee of the WA RC&D, the Program Manager supports the work of the CWSC to achieve the CWSCs mission of building a community, culture, and landscape adapted to wildfire. This includes engagement with the Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network and the Wildland-Urban Interface Fuel Reduction Strategy Development Project. The Program Manager will report directly to the CWSC Steering Committee.

Email cover letter and resume to for consideration or additional information.

Job: Climate Change Research and Adaptation Advisor - Seattle, WA (posted March 8, 2018)

The Climate Change Research and Adaptation Strategic Advisor will lead Seattle City Light's (SCL's) efforts to adapt to climate change. This position will serve as a key advisor to senior officials and make recommendations to help shape significant SCL and City policies and programs, and will represent SCL in strategic arenas. The employee will educate and collaborate with staff across the utility to build awareness, partnerships, and momentum around understanding/assessing the impacts of climate change, developing climate adaptation strategies, implementing the current SCL climate adaptation plan, and revising the plan as new information becomes available. This position will serve as SCL's representative in select forums organized to develop an understanding of the potential impacts of climate change on the electric power industry and potential adaptation strategies, as well as to identify potential policy solutions. This position will identify, prioritize, and oversee research to support SCL's climate change adaptation efforts and prepare proposals to secure funding for impact assessments and adaptation efforts as needed.  This position will report to the Science Policy Unit Manager in the Environment, Land, and Licensing Business Unit.

Undergraduate Researcher: Boreal Forest Ecosystems Fire & Permafrost Thaw - University of Alaska Fairbanks (posted March 7, 2018)

A summer undergraduate technician position is available to join a team studying resilience of boreal forest ecosystems to fire and permafrost thaw at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The technician will contribute to field work including installing and maintaining a network of sensors measuring oxygen, nitrate, and organic matter in streams. Field work will also include tracer experiments measuring nutrient uptake and gas exchange in streams. The student will learn laboratory-based methods for analytical chemistry and will contribute to visualization and analysis of biogeochemical data from streams. The student will have the opportunity to conduct an independent research project.

Applicants should have demonstrated interests in ecology and enthusiasm about both field and lab-based work. Coursework in ecology, chemistry, environmental science, and math or statistics is required to successfully contribute to the research. Applications from students with previous research experience, particularly with techniques or instrumentation relevant to aquatic ecology, as well as experience working within a collaborative group will receive priority.

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Job: Forestry Internships - Bureau of Indian Affairs (posted March 6, 2018)

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Office of Trust Services’ (OTS), is committed to serving Tribal communities and their members by ensuring the activities associated with management and protection of trust and restricted lands; natural resources; forestry and wildland fire management; irrigation, power and safety of dams; and real estate services are improving tribal government infrastructures and communities, along with other components of long term sustainable development investments to improve the quality of life for their tribal members.

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2018 IAWF Student Scholarships (posted February 22, 2018)

In an effort to continue to promote the scholarly pursuits and graduate level training within the global wildland fire community, in 2018 the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) will again be awarding two graduate-level scholarships, each valued at $3,000USD to IAWF members who are Master of Science/Arts (MSc/MA) or Doctoral (PhD) students studying wildland fire or wildland fire related topics.
The IAWF encourages applications from students studying any aspect of wildland fire be it from the perspective of physical, ecological or social science to less traditional subject areas as well: they are looking through this scholarship to recognize and support any type of research relevant to the global wildland fire community. 
The application period will be open between 12 February 2018 and 2 April 2018. Scholarship recipients will be announced by the end of May 2018.
Scholarships will be awarded to the top MSc and top PhD applicants based the student’s submitted essay. Please see the guidelines and application information for details.
The applicant must be a member of IAWF at the time of application and remain so at least during his/her award period.  Members Benefits.
The applicant must be enrolled full-time in graduate school with, at the closing date of the scholarship application period, at least 8 months remaining in their program if they are an MSc candidate or 12 months remaining if they are a PhD candidate.
Submit A pplications not later than April 2, 2018

Job: Forest Management Assistant - The Nature Conservancy - Indiana (posted February 22, 2018)


The Forest Management Assistant will perform and participate in forest management operations including, but not limited to, forest stand improvement, invasive plant control, installation of signs and gates, boundary management, and the use of power equipment to maintain roads, trails, and fire lines.  Activities may include removing exotic species, conducting species monitoring, using and maintaining tools and equipment, and assisting in prescribed burns.  The Forest Management Assistant may conduct basic forest management activities including forest inventory, timber marking, and boundary marking.


For more information about and to apply to this position, click HERE. All applications must be submitted in the system prior to 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on March 19, 2018.

Prichard Exhibit Highlights Wildland Firefighters Up Close (posted February 13, 2018)

Colorful, intimate and intensely dramatic images that capture the often-far away work of wildland firefighters go on exhibit this month at the University of Idaho Prichard Art Gallery.

“Facing the Inferno, the Wildfire Photography of Kari Greer,” will go in display Friday, Feb. 16, at the Prichard. An opening reception is 5-7 p.m. Friday. Greer, who works as a photographer for the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, will speak about her work during a lecture at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 15, in the Borah Theater of the Bruce M. Pitman Center on the Moscow campus. Award-winning author and MacArthur fellow Stephen Pyne has written an essay to accompany the exhibit.

Greer, a former firefighter, specializes in wildland fire photography and editorial photojournalism. She has unprecedented access to aerial operations and accompanies fire crews working side by side on attack lines throughout the Western fire season. Her work examines the heighted fire activity seen across Idaho, Montana and Wyoming at a time when people are traveling further into the woods and the land surrounding wildfires is increasingly contested.

“This exhibit not only brings attention to the remarkable images of Kari Greer, but demonstrates the important role the humanities have in advancing discussions around critical issues” said Roger Rowley, director of the Prichard.

Alongside Greer’s images of wildfires will be the exhibit “Lookouts in Fire Detection” by C. Rod Bacon. Having spent more than 20 summers as a fire lookout, Bacon’s exhibit will feature views of and from lookouts in the Northwest. At the center of Bacon’s exhibit will be an actual fire finder from a lookout used to locate the fires seen from a tour.

The exhibit is a collaboration with the U of I Forest, Rangeland and Fire Science program. It is on display through April 14 and will include educational tours for K-12 and university students. Student firefighters will help lead these tours. It is funded in part through grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and funding from the Idaho Commission on the Arts. Additional contributors to the project include Metal and Paper, the Forest Fire Lookout Association and the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network.

This project, “Facing the Inferno, the Wildfire Photography of Kari Greer,” was funded in part under National Endowment for the Arts grant No. 17-4100-7112. The total amount of federal funds for the grant is $15,000, which amounts to approximately 50 percent of the total cost of the project.

PhD in Plant Ecophysiology - Colorado State University (posted February 9, 2018)

We are seeking a PhD candidate to be part of a research team at Colorado State University investigating post-fire regeneration in sagebrush steppe and mixed-grass prairie ecosystems. Despite the important role of fire in grassland and shrubland ecosystems, little is known about the physiological effects of fire on belowground tissues of plants. The candidate will have the opportunity to work with a large team of researchers from USFS-RMRS, USDA-ARS, USGS, and U of WY on a recently funded Joint Fire Science Program Grant. A major goal of the project is to quantify the physiological impact of heat from fires on resprouting tissues of plants and evaluate the demographic consequences of these disturbances. This work will involve field and lab work (including work with the USFS Fire Lab) and will utilize a range of physiological techniques, bud dissection and/or anatomy, and the development of new methods to measure and characterize bud physiology. The position will include work in South Dakota, Colorado, and Wyoming. Preference will be given to candidates with a M.S. degree in plant ecology and/or plant ecophysiology and those with strong quantitative skills. We would like to find a student that can begin this spring or early summer. The PhD candidate will be co-advised by Troy Ocheltree (CSU) and Jacqueline Ott (USFS-RMRS). Please send a resume and statement of interest to Troy Ocheltree ( if you are interested in this opportunity.

Northern California Grant Opportunities (posted January 29, 2018)

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has partnered with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) to restore and enhance National Forests and watersheds affected by wildfires within Northern California. The Northern California Forests and Watersheds program will administer an initial $6 million in grants to projects that increase wildfire resiliency for Northern California National Forests and associated watersheds. In addition, NFWF will administer the Sierra Nevada Meadows Program? funding through the Northern California Forests and Watersheds Program and intends to integrate additional USFS National Forests and partners throughout the region.

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Job: Forest Service Job Opportunities Available (posted January 25, 2018)

Intended Audience: All Forest Service Employees
January 24, 2018
Forest Service Job Opportunities Available
What You Need to Know
The United States Department of Agriculture has approved a short-term hiring plan for the Forest Service to fill 1,000 vacant positions. These positions will be filled using Merit Promotion job vacancy announcements that are open to Forest Service employees and government-wide. The job vacancy announcements will be posted on the Office of Personnel Management’s website USAJOBS.
What You Need to Do
Employees are encouraged to monitor USAJOBS for potential job opportunities. Please be aware that some vacancy announcements will have short timeframes for applications to be accepted. 
Human Resources Management highly recommends you upload your resume and supporting documents in USAJOBS, so you can submit your application within the required timeframe of the job vacancy announcement.  
You can access helpful information on how to apply for jobs on the FS Jobs website.
Help is Available
Open a HR Help case by:
1.    Logging into ConnectHR and clicking on the HR Help link. For detailed instructions, visit the HR Help How-to Add a Case Guide.
2.    Sending an e-mail to:, or
3.    Calling the HRM Contact Center at 1-877-372-7248, Press 2.
USFS wants your feedback!
HRM values your feedback. Please complete this short survey to help them improve HRM messages to better meet your needs and interests.

Job: Forest Technician - Moscow, ID (posted December 20, 2017)

Northwest Management, Inc., a full service natural resource consulting firm located in Moscow, Idaho is seeking resumes from motivated individuals with forestry backgrounds.

Position: Forest Technician

Status: Seasonal Position 3 to 10 month appointments available.

Time Frame: April through November 2018 (time frame is flexible)

Location: Forest Technician will be based out of our main office in Moscow, ID or one of our regional offices located in northeast Washington and northwest Montana. Travel and time out of town is required to fulfill the requirements of this position.

Duties: Forest Technician will work under the direct supervision of a professional

Forester. Primary duties may include:

1. Timber inventory

2. Timber marking

3. Timber sale layout

4. Management Plan development

5. Prescribed burning

6. Road inventory using GPS

7. Wildland firefighting

Qualifications: Experienced forest technician (with Two Year Degree in Forestry or closely related field) or forestry students with good written and oral communication skills. Forest Technicians are required to work independently with minimal supervision. Experience in timber cruising, wildland fire, prescribed burning, knowledge of GPS, and timber sales preparation is helpful but not required.

Closing Date: March 16, 2018

web page Click “Careers Opportunities” to download an application and send with resume to: SheilAnne Smith, Office Manager Northwest Management, Inc., PO Box 9748, Moscow, Idaho 83843 e-mail questions to: Tierra Moser at

Job: Fall Undergraduate Internship in Forest Ecology - New York (posted December 7, 2017)

The TEST Group at Brookhaven National Laboratory is looking for student to join us this fall for a Department of Energy Student Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI). Specifically we are looking for a student interested in establishing long-term forestry inventory plots on site at BNL. These plots will include forests across disturbance gradients associated with fire and insect activity. We will use these plots to establish a baseline for tracking forest dynamics, and to validate our satellite, airborne, and drone based remote sensing approaches.

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LANDFIRE Data Contribution Request (posted November 20, 2017)

LANDFIRE is looking for data to help update and improve their existing vegetation and wildland fuel data products. Why should you care? LANDFIRE fuels data currently contribute 80% weight in the Northeastern Area’s Wildfire Risk Assessment, which is an input to their State Fire Assistance (SFA) formula! Learn more here.

The primary focus for this data call is to collect polygon disturbance and treatment activities from 2017. The data submission deadline for the current data call is March 31, 2018. Data submitted before March 31 will be evaluated for inclusion in the next LANDFIRE data cycle. Submissions after March 31 will be considered in subsequent efforts.

Please see this data call letter for additional information

Questions? Email: or

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Welcome to the Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy. As fire-fighting professionals, it is important that we fully understand .....
Ruidoso Convention Center, Ruidoso, NM
Welcome to the Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy. As fire-fighting professionals, it is important that we fully understand .....
Ruidoso Convention Center, Ruidoso, NM
Welcome to the Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy. As fire-fighting professionals, it is important that we fully understand .....
Ruidoso Convention Center, Ruidoso, NM
Welcome to the Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy. As fire-fighting professionals, it is important that we fully understand .....
Ruidoso Convention Center, Ruidoso, NM
Welcome to the Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy. As fire-fighting professionals, it is important that we fully understand .....