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FRAMES subject area portals contain information relevant to topics of interest within the wildland fire community. Currently, FRAMES identifies 26 subject areas reflecting categories proposed by wildland fire researchers and as part of a draft of the National Wildland Fire Enterprise Architecture developed by the National Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (NWCG). The goal of FRAMES is to have the subject areas be collaborative spaces, managed by experts in the subject area for other content providers and content users. Most subject area portals remain in the prototype phase, however, efforts are ongoing to encourage experts to assume the role of community manager for each subject area portal.

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Highlights resources related to overall fire management, scheduling, employment, and/or program and project management.


Highlights resources related to aircraft operations supporting fire and resource management.


Highlights resources related to the prevalent or characteristic meteorological conditions of any place or region, and their extremes.


Highlights resources related to communications in support of fire management activities.


Highlights resources related to the economic impacts of fire, including, but not limited to, the impacts of prescribed fires and natural wildland fires, the loss of species habitat, and the potential regeneration of resources following fire.

Emissions & Smoke Portal

Partner-sponsored site providing access to information about smoke and emissions from wildland fire, including the online Smoke Management and Air Quality for Land Managers online tutorial.

Fire Behavior

Highlights resources related to the study and management of the direction, spread and intensity of wildland fire.

Fire Ecology

Highlights resources related to the study of the interactions between fire and living organisms and their environment.

Fire Effects

Highlights resources related to the study and management of the effects of wildland fire on the environment.

Fire History

Highlights resources related to the range of fire frequency, severity, extent, and spatial complexity, as well as the role of fire in ecosystems and the feedbacks that link fire, climate, vegetation, and management decisions.

Fire Occurrence

Highlights resources related to the average number of fires in a specified area during a specified time period.

Fire Prevention

Highlights resources related to the activities, including education, engineering, enforcement and administration, that are directed at reducing the number of wildfires, the costs of suppression, and fire-caused damages to resources and property.


Highlights resources related to the study of fuels, including, but not limited to, fuel categories, fuel properties, fuel moisture, plant flammability, fuel availability, and fuel consumption.

Hazard & Risk

Highlights resources related to the study of hazards associated with wildland fire in the environment as well as risk management and risk assessment.


Highlights resources and activities related to the detection, information correlation, and statistical observations of data associated with wildland fire.


Highlights resources related to the detailed coordination of a large and complex wildland fire operation.


Highlights resources related to the graphical representation of geographic or spatial data relevant to wildland fire.


Highlights resources related to quantitative and qualitative models relevant to wildland fire.

Monitoring & Inventory

Highlights resources related to the monitoring and/or inventorying of resources relevant to wildland fire.


Highlights resources related to systematic attempts to provide wildland fire information and services to a community or group.


Highlights resources related to identifying, defining, and determining courses of action to achieve predetermined wildland fire management goals and objectives.

Prescribed Fire

Highlights resources related to wildland fires ignited and managed to attain planned fire treatment and resource management objectives.

Regulations & Legislation

Highlights resources related to rules and laws pertaining to wildland fire.

Restoration & Rehabilitation

Highlights resources related to restoration and rehabilitation activities designed to accelerate postfire ecosystem recovery.


Highlights resources related to wildland fire safety policies and procedures.


Highlights resources related to fire weather, including its interactions with fire behavior and fuels.

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Volunteers Needed!

FRAMES is looking for subject area experts who are willing to serve as community managers for various subject areas. If you are interested or have questions, please e-mail us at contact@frames.gov