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The Southwest Fire Portal provides information about fire science and technology relevant to the southwestern contiguous United States. Our goal is to provide "one-stop shopping" for resource managers, decision makers, scientists, students, and communities who want access to the results of efforts to understand and manage fire and fuels on lands in the Southwest.

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SWFSC Top Ten Fire Management Searches

The Southwest Fire Science Consortium (SWFSC) has partnered with FRAMES to help fire managers access important fire science information related to the Southwest's top fire management issues. Visit the SWFSC Top Ten Fire Management Searches site to access resources pertaining to ten critical areas of interest.

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Southwest FireCLIME Annotated Bibliography

The Southwest FireCLIME project has partnered with Metalmark Web & Data and FRAMES to host their Annotated Bibliography of published research related to the interactions between climate change, wildfire, and subsequent ecosystem effects in the southwestern U.S. The 190 publications contained in the library were identified through a comprehensive literature review, and have each been summarized to distill the outcomes as they pertain to fire and climate.

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Great Plains Fire Science Exchange Literature Searches

The Great Plains Fire Science Exchange has partnered with FRAMES to provide literature searches on topics such as patch burn-grazing and pyric herbivory. Visit the Great Plains Fire Science Exchange Searches page to access these searches.

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