Smoke Health Effects Research

Selected Presentations

The Selected Presentations tab below displays presentations from the Wildland Fire Smoke Health Effects Research and Tools to Inform Public Health Policy and Recommendations (2015 Workshop). This four hour workshop was organized and presented during the April 2015 International Wildland Fire conference in Boise Idaho. During the workshop experts discussed new science on health impacts of smoke and opportunities to further inform and support development of health policy and recommendations. The workshop included presentations from researchers at the USDA Forest Service, the US Environmental Protection Agency, US Centers for Disease Control, and the British Columbia CDC. The first part of the workshop discussed new and emerging health research to inform public health policy. The second part of the workshop focused on guidelines and recommendations to reduce the public health impacts of smoke exposure, and the new tools for estimating smoke exposure and forecasting.

Selected Publications & Recent Resources

The Selected Publications tab displays several publications addressing smoke and human health. The Recent Smoke Health and Exposure Resources tab displays other publications which have been added to FRAMES since the creation of the Selected Publications tab.