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Satellite-based active fire data provide indispensable information for monitoring global fire activity and understanding its impacts on climate and air quality. Yet the limited spatiotemporal sampling capacities of current satellites result in...

Person: Li, Zhang, Kondragunta, Schmidt, Holmes
Year: 2020
Type: Document
Source: FRAMES

Anthropoeenic influences on recent tree mortality in mid-montane mixed conifer forests of southern California, USA, and northern Baja California, Mexico, were investigated. The Pinus jeffreyi-Abies concolor phase of the mixed-conifer montane community...

Person: Savage
Year: 1997
Type: Document
Source: TTRS

The Fire Behavior Research Work Unit (RWU) of the Intermountain Research Station has been developing the Wildland Fire Assessment System (WFAS) since 1994. The WFAS will eventually combine the functionality of the current fire-danger rating system (...

Person: Burgan, Andrews, Bradshaw, Chase, Hartford, Latham
Year: 1997
Type: Document