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From the text ... 'The primary objective of prescribed burning on forest recreation areas in New Jersey is to reduce the probability of their destruction by wildfire. Investigation has shown that when uncontrolled fires enter treated areas they do...

Person: Cumming
Year: 1969
Type: Document
Source: TTRS

From the text...'Prescribed Burning Act of 1990 ... A blue-ribbon committee translated these prescribed burning concerns into proposed legislation that was introduced into the 1990 legislative session. Representative Frances L. "Chanceā€...

Person: Brenner, Wade
Year: 1992
Type: Document
Source: TTRS

The importance of fire for the regeneration of the forests has never been so topical as in our days, when increasing use is made of controlled burning in the interests of forestry. In 1955 about 40,000 hectares of forest land, belonging to the Forest...

Person: Uggla
Year: 1958
Type: Document