More information about the Resource Catalog:

By developing a catalog that integrates information about multiple types of resources (e.g., broader than just publications or datasets), FRAMES is able to provide information about relationships between resources, such as when a project produces a tool, is described by a document, and its associated dataset, etc. Each of these records can be related to one another.

There are four main components to the resource cataloging system: 1) online resource cataloging tool; 2) resource catalog database; 3) record display pages; 4) search/browse functionality. Information about a resource is entered through the online user interface to create a record for that resource. Controlled terms, such as Topics and Regions, are associated with each record, as well as other uncontrolled Key Words. And as appropriate, spatial bounding box coordinates can be entered for a record.

Preset searches of the catalog are provided on each of the Topic and Region pages, and FRAMES also provide searches that target:

FRAMES also provides preset searches for the following Joint Fire Science Program Regional Fire Exchanges:

Additionally, the following FRAMES Partner Sites utilize the FRAMES Resource Catalog:

Catalog search tips:



Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with FRAMES to utilize the Resource Catalog for your project or organization.