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Within the FRAMES regions, wildland fire content is aggregated at a geographic level relevant to wildland fire management. The FRAMES regions correspond to the boundaries of the eleven Geographic Area Coordinating Centers (GACC) designated by the National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC).

Why only nine portals?

FRAMES has combined the California North Ops GACC and the California South Ops GACC into the California Fire Portal. The West Basin GACC and the East Basin GACC have been combined into the Great Basin Fire Portal.

Each FRAMES geographic fire portal provides an opportunity for collaboration between researchers and managers located within that particular region. FRAMES is working with regional researchers and managers (including some of the JFSP Regional Fire Exchanges, highlighted on the right), to provide access to geographically-based and nationally relevant data, documents, and tools.

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FRAMES and the JFSP Fire Exchange Network

The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) has developed a regional Fire Exchange Network, staffed by local experts, to help connect managers, practitioners and scientists working within ecologically similar regions. FRAMES is partnering with some of these exchanges to provide customized access to the FRAMES Resource Cataloging System: Joint Fire Science Program logo
Alaska: hosting Alaska Reference Database
Great Plains: hosting Great Plains Fire Science Literature Searches
North Atlantic: adding requested content to Eastern Fire Portal
Northern Rockies: exporting records to NRFSN Resource Database
Southern: displaying Tall Timbers EV Komarek Fire Ecology Database
Southwest: hosting Top Ten Fire Management Searches