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The effects of fire on biogenic emissions of methane and nitric oxide from wetlands
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Levine, J.S. ; Cofer WR, I.I.I. ; Sebacher, D.I. ; Rhinehart, R.P. ; Winstead, E.L. ; Sebacher, S. ; Hinkle, C.R. ; Schmalzer, P.A. ; Koller, A.M.
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Levine, J. S., I. I. I. Cofer WR, D. I. Sebacher, R. P. Rhinehart, E. L. Winstead, S. Sebacher, C. R. Hinkle, P. A. Schmalzer, and A. M. Koller. 1990. The effects of fire on biogenic emissions of methane and nitric oxide from wetlands. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, v. 95, no. D2, p. 1853-1864.
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air quality; Alaska; bacteria; bibliographies; biogeography; biomass; calcium; carbon dioxide; catastrophic fires; central Florida; chemistry; China; Cladium jamaicense; croplands; distribution; ecosystem dynamics; Everglades; fertilization; fire effects; fire frequency; fire management; fire size; Florida; gases; Great Basin and Pacific Slope States; habitat conversion; habitat types; human caused fires; Juncus roemerianus; lightning caused fires; magnesium; marshes; marshlands; methane; mountains; nitrogen; North America; nutrient cycling; Pacific Northwest; peatlands; phosphorus; post fire recovery; potassium; prescribed fires; rain forests; sampling; Serenoa repens; soil nutrients; soil temperature; south eastern states; south Florida; Soviet Union; Spartina bakeri; statistical analysis; swamps; temperature; tropical forests; USA; wetlands; wildfires; wildlife refuges
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Alaska; Great Basin; International; Northwest; Southern
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Climate; Emissions and Smoke; Fire Behavior; Fire Ecology; Fire Effects; Fire Occurrence; Hazard and Risk; Prescribed Fire
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July 20, 2017
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