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Aboriginal overkill and native burning: implications for modern ecosystem management
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Kay, C.E.
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Kay, C. E. 1995. Aboriginal overkill and native burning: implications for modern ecosystem management. Western Journal of Applied Forestry, v. 104, no. 121-126,
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Aborigines; age classes; Amelanchier alnifolia; Antilocapra americana; Canada; Castor canadensis; coniferous forests; ecosystem dynamics; fire intensity; fire management; forest management; herbaceous vegetation; hunting; lightning caused fires; mammals; mortality; mosaic; national parks; Native Americans; North America; Odocoileus hemionus; Odocoileus virginianus; Ovis canadensis; plant communities; Populus tremuloides; predation; prescribed fires; presettlement fires; Prunus virginiana; Salix; USA; western states; wildlife habitat management; wildlife refuges; Wyoming
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International; Rocky Mountain
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Climate; Fire Behavior; Fire Ecology; Fire History; Prescribed Fire
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July 20, 2017
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