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Burnin' Bill and the Dixie Crusaders
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Rooney, B.
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From the text...'A fleet of special trucks-equipped with generators (many of the bamlets visited tacked electricity) and motion-picture projectors, and manned by articulate young southern foresters-beaded for the woods in September 1928. Between then and June 1931, the Dixie Crusaders, as they came to be known, preached the gospel of fire prevention to three million people in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Highlight of the whistlestops was a series of movies produced for the Crusaders to show. Two of them were created by AFA itself, and directed by Erle Kauffman, then editor of American Forests. Kauffman even wrote the script for 'The Burner,' and got McCormick, the project's director, to star as the villain/hero, Burnin' Bill. The Southern Forestry Education Project was at the time one of the most intensive educational outreaches ever undertaken. It helped set the stage for the Smokey Bear era and the attitudinal changes about forests that were to come.' Published by American Forests. Abstracts reproduced by permission.
Rooney, B. 1993. Burnin' Bill and the Dixie Crusaders. American Forests, v. 99, no. 5/6, p. 35.
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abstract okay; catastrophic fires; education; fire control; fire exclusion; fire histories; fire prevention; Florida; forest management; Georgia; Mississippi; North America; pine forests; Pinus; public information; South Carolina; south eastern states; USA; wood
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Fire History; Hazard and Risk; Intelligence; Outreach; Social Science
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