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Marble-Cone/Big Sur Fire: from the command point of view
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Lee, M.K.
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Until the end of July 1977, the fires in the forested and brush-covered land of California had been fewer than expected. The summer fire season was well along, and with less than average acreage burned, protection agencies were encouraged. Then a series of events dramatically altered the picture. The hot dry summer, easterly winds, a high-pressure ridge over the Pacific holding back the coastal fog-all compounded by the long drought-combined to turn the state into a tinder box waiting to be touched off by man or nature.
Lee, M. K. 1977. Marble-Cone/Big Sur Fire: from the command point of view. International Fire Chief, v. 43, no. 9, p. 6-8.
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California; chaparral; droughts; fire case histories; fire danger rating; fire management; fire size; fire suppression; fire weather; fuel accumulation; Great Basin and Pacific Slope States; lightning caused fires; national forests; North America; northern California; smoke effects; southern California; topography; wildland-urban interface (WUI); USA; wind
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California; Great Basin
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Climate; Emissions and Smoke; Fire History; Fire Prevention; Fuels; Hazard and Risk; Intelligence; Social Science; Weather
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