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Climate Change and Stress Complexes in Forests of Western North America
Presenter(s): David L. Peterson (US Forest Service, Fire and Environmental Research Applications (FERA) Team,
  Christie  Neill (National Park Service, Pacific West Regional Office,
Distribution Contact(s): Josh  McDaniel (Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center,
Publisher: Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center
Recording Date:
November  9,  2010
Stress complexes in Western forests are affected by a warmer climate, that is the interaction of fire, drought, insects, etc. can alter the vigor of forest ecosystems and potentially change their structure and function. This webinar will cover the concepts and present several case studies. The presenters will also discuss management options for enhancing resilience. This webinar was hosted by the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (, the Joint Fire Science Program (, and the International Association of Wildland Fire (
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Canada; climate change; drought; FERA - Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team; fire management planning; fire regimes; fire severity; global warming; historic range of variability; insects; pathogens; stress complexes; western North America
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Oct 4, 2012
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