Looking back for a clear view of the future: 1999 to 2012

Recordings from the 2012 AFE 5th International Fire Ecology and Management Conference Special Session

At the turn of the millennium, a conference workshop was held in Boise, Idaho, titled "Crossing the Millennium: Integrating Spatial Technologies and Ecological Principles for a New Age in Fire Management." The synopsis of the meeting was summarized in seven recommendations for a new era of fire management that was submitted to the Joint Fire Science Program's Governing Board of Directors, identifying research needs, technical, and management opportunities. These recommendations include:

  1. Integration of ecological principles in management;
  2. A quest for a more integrative and systematic national approach for fuels mapping;
  3. Improved national administrative guidance for tool usage and training;
  4. Better communication between technology developers and users;
  5. Collaborative approaches to research and decision support tools;
  6. Consistent definitions and standards for fire severity, hazard, and risk; and
  7. A new emphasis on training that includes the latest developments in spatial, information, and communication technology.

The speakers at the 2012 session were asked to describe the recommendation and comment on the past decade of fire management with regards to the specific recommendation:

  • Has progress been made?
  • What are some examples of progress?
  • What are the stumbling blocks?
  • Is the recommendation still relevant?

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Looking Back
Welcome, background, and goals

Presenter: Kevin Ryan

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Integration of ecological principles into land management

Presenters: Robert Keane and Wendel Hann

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Characterizing fuels for fire and fuel management in the 21st century

Presenter: Roger Ottmar

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Tools and technology
in the 21st century

Presenter: John Cissel

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Technology transfer
and communication

Presenters: Jan Engert and Jim Menakis

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Collaborative approaches

Presenter: Lisa Elenz

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Clear view of the future
1999 to 2012

Presenters: Colin Hardy and Penny Morgan

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Training in the latest developments

Presenter: Laurie Kurth

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Facilitated Panel Discussion: The Next Ten Years of Fire Management

Presenters: David Peterson and Colin Hardy

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