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Courses & Registration

Course AbbrevationCourse TitleOutlineRegister
LANDFIRE LANDFIRE: Concepts, Data and Methods
(Updated course coming January 2014) 
Outline Register
FRCC Fire Regime Condition Class (4-5 hrs) Outline Register
FRCCMT Fire Regime Condition Class Mapping Tool (4 hrs)  Outline Register
WFAT Wildland Fire Assessment Tool (3-4 hrs) Outline Register
LFTFCT LANDFIRE Total Fuel Change Tool (5-6 hrs) Outline Register


Introduction to the Scott & Burgan 40 Fire Behavior Fuel Models (3 hrs)

Outline Register
Nomographs  Using Fire Behavior Nomographs to Estimate Fire Behavior Characteristics (3 hrs) Outline Register
FCCS Introduction to the Fuel Characteristics Classification System (FCCS) Version 2.0 (4 hrs) Outline   Register  
FLM  Introduction to Fuel Loading Models (1.5 hrs)   Outline Register
Predicting Veg Change Predicting Vegetation Change (2 hrs) Outline Register
LF Veg Dynamics Models Working with LANDFIRE Vegetation Dynamics Models (3 hrs) Outline Register
S495 Geospatial Fire Analysis, Interpretation and Application (In order to register for this NWCG course you need to have been nominated by your home unit) Information  
WIMS Weather Information Management System   Register
ACT Area Change Tool   Register
SMOKE Smoke Management and Air Quality for Land Managers Outline Register

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