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Tool Resources

Single Peak Landscape Assessment (PDF)

FOR 438 Basic Integrated Fuels Planning Using LANDFIRE Data Course Summary (PDF)

Using the LANDFIRE Biophysical Settings Model Descriptions (PDF)
Examines major elements of the model descriptions and how they can be used.

The Raster Primer (PDF)
Provides a basic understanding of raster data. Raster data layers (commonly referred to as "grids") are the essential data layers used in all NIFTT tools.

Fire Behavior and Effects Assessment: A Guide to Understanding and Creating Weather, Wind, and Fuel Moisture Files (ZIP)
This guide describes how to obtain and evaluate the necessary data to create weather, wind, and fuel moisture files for historical and current fire behavior and effects analysis.

Acquiring and Preparing LANDFIRE Data Tutorial (EXE)
Demonstrates how to obtain and prepare LANDFIRE data to be used as input for NIFTT tools.




FlamMap 3.0.0
Computes potential fire behavior characteristics.
FlamMap 3.0.0  



Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool
Allows users to explore natural disturbances and management scenarios.
VDDT website