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Special Session: Fuel Treatments in the 21st Century - Do They Matter? Tuesday 20 May 2014

05_20_1000_Kurth.jpg 1000 Welcome and Outline for the Day Laurie Kurth & Henry Bastian
05_20_1020_Reinhardt.jpg 1020 Wildland Fuels Management: Expectations and Aspirations Elizabeth Reinhardt
05_20_1040_Dixon.jpg 1040 Fuel Treatments in the 21st Century - Do They Matter: from the Eyes of the Administration Tony Dixon
05_20_1100_Burnett.jpg 1100 National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Sandy Burnett & Henry Bastian
05_20_1120_Harbour.jpg 1120 Agency Administrator's Perspective - Fuel Treatment in the 21st Century Tom Harbour
05_20_1140_Douglas.jpg 1140 Fuel Treatments in the 21st Century - Do They Matter: Agency Administrator's Perspective James Douglas
05_20_1300_Panel.jpg 1300 Panel Discussion: Wildland Fire, Society's Reality, Not Just a Federal Issue - Bob Harrington (National Association of State Foresters,     Chris Topik (The Nature Conservancy),     Mark Melvin (Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils),     Patti Blakenship (US Fire Administration, FEMA),     Vern Stearns (Intertribal Timber Council),     Pete Lahm (Air Resource Specialist, USFS)
05_20_1440_Crandall.jpg 1440  Director of Legislative Affairs  Doug Crandall
05_20_1530_Wadleigh.jpg 1530  How Severe are Large Fires?  Linda Wadleigh
05_20_1550_Prichard.jpg 1550 When Wildfires Become Fuel Treatments: Examples of the Interactions of Past Wildfires and Subsequent Wildfires  Susan Prichard
05_20_1610_Smith.jpg 1610 When Wildfires Become Fuel Treatments: Examples from Yosemite National Park  Gus Smith
05_20_1630_MenakisMueller.jpg 1630 Wildfires/Fuel Treatments Intersect - Changes in Fire Management, Fire Behavior and Fire Ecology  Jim Menakis, Frankie Romero, & Dave Mueller
05_20_1650_Havorka.jpg 1650 Integrating Fuel Treatments in Land Management Planning and Wildfire Incident Response  Marlena Hovorka & Lisa Elenz
05_20_1710_Christiansen.jpg 1710 Conclusion/Summary: Do Fuel Treatments Matter Now and in the Future?  Erik Christiansen