Fuels Management

Fuels management is the practice of evaluating, planning and treating wildland fuel to support land and resource management objectives. 

Fuels Management duties may include:

  • Developing & implementing fuel treatment plans, including prescribed fire plans
  • Pre- and post-treatment monitoring
  • Collaborating as a specialist on planning projects
  • Budget analysis & reporting
  • GIS analysis

Fuels management duties may be assigned to anyone, but are generally administered by Fire Management Officers, Fuels Specialists and related technicians.

To learn more about career pathways and development for fuels managers, as well as the many training and educational opportunities that exist to build upon current skill sets please to go our Career Development link located in the menu of this site. If you have a specific question or area of interest, try the FAQ page or submit a question.  The Toolboxes also provide a convenient collection of resources.