About Us

The Fire Planning and Fuels Management Resource Portal provides answers to your questions about the various aspects of fire planning and fuels management, such as how to write a fire management plan or where to learn more about environmental compliance, or what skills are needed to become a fuels specialist (see the FAQ pages).  A full suite of toolboxes are offered to provide further information on common fire planning and fuels management topics such as smoke, federal fire policy, and fire behavior analysis tools. This site also provides career development-related information for current and prospective fire management specialists in the fire planning and fuels management career fields. Although information on training, research, and other opportunities occurring outside of the federal government is included here, the intended audience is primarily the interagency community within the wildland fire organizations of the United States Federal Government.If you have any questions, or think of something that you would like to included on our site, please contact us.

For more information or questions regarding this website please contact: 

WFMRDA: Kim Ernstrom (kim_ernstrom@nps.gov)
Interagency Fuels Committee: Frankie Romero (fromero@fs.fed.us)
Interagency Fire Planning Committee: Laura Barrett (lbarrett@fs.fed.us)