Social and Economic Impacts Collection

    This collection contains research syntheses, guidelines, and tools for measuring and managing the impacts of fires, smoke, fire effects, and fire management actions on community social and economic conditions and the psychological and behavioral consequences of fire and disaster.

    60,000 Disaster Victims Speak: Research Review (PDF)
    160 research reports were reviewed and the results synthesized. The report describes the psychological impacts of disasters on those who experience them. Health and behavior consequences are described.

    Impacts of Wildland Fire on Communities - Fact Sheet (PDF)
    "It is important for fire managers to be aware of the varied impacts of wildland fire as they work in and with affected communities, and to remember that some of the impacts may not become evident until several months after a fire is suppressed." (The authors) Actions before, during, and following fires that can affect the level and kind of impacts are described.

    Impacts of Wildland Fires on Communities Research Synthesis (PDF)
    "The large fires of recent decades have resulted in a series of disasters to the individuals and communities in these WUI and wildland environments. These are disasters in the sense that they have significantly disrupted the ongoing social elements and processes within the communities affected, have resulted in large financial losses, and have led to expensive restoration activities." (The authors) The authors state that fire impacts on communities are complex. They review the research describing those impacts and provide a framework for understanding and managing the impacts fires have on communities-at-risk.

    Methods for Assessing the Impact of Fire on Forest Recreation Review (PDF)
    This older review still provides a useful discussion of the ways that fire impacts on recreation values can be measured quantitatively.

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