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    Aesthetics and Visual Resource

    Human Dimensions & Fire Social Sciences (HDFSS) aesthetics and visual resource publications, applications and tools.

    Community Collaboration

    Human Dimensions & Fire Social Sciences (HDFSS) community collaboration publications, applications and tools.

    Community Communication

    Human Dimensions & Fire Social Sciences (HDFSS) community communication publications, applications and tools.

    Social Acceptability

    Human Dimensions & Fire Social Sciences (HDFSS) social acceptability publications, applications and tools.

    Social and Economic Impacts

    Human Dimensions & Fire Social Sciences (HDFSS) social and economic impacts publications, applications and tools.


    Podcasts allow fire managers to review social science applications on the go. Some have been collected from other sources such as the Center for Disease Control. Others are prepared by the HDFSS project from systematic reviews of the fire social science research literature.

    Firefighter Health

    These podcasts describe research applications that will help firefighters improve and maintain health and well-being.

    Coping with Traumatic Events - Tragedies, such as the recent shootings on the Virginia Tech campus, affect all of us in different ways. Some people might react to the stress immediately, while others may not experience stress until later.

    Never too Late to Quit Smoking - Former Washington Redskins Cornerback and NFL Hall of Famer Darrell Green explains how once you quit smoking your breathing, circulation and health start to improve immediately. (MP3)

    Fight the Bite Lime and West Nile - This podcast discusses West Nile Virus and Lyme disease and offers strategies to reduce the risk of mosquito and tick bites. (MP3)


    Podcasts are included here that describe research applications to improve firefighter and public safety in wildland fires.

    Dangers of Tree Felling - Felling your backyard tree could be fatal - logging is one of the five most dangerous jobs in the world - and this broadcast discusses the cause of injuries and how to prevent them.

    Firefighter Education

    These podcasts describe applications of research results to fire education.

    Information General Sobre Incendios Forestales - El humo de los incendios forestales puede causar problemas de salud para todos, pero especialmente para las personas que padecen de enfermedades cardiacas y pulmonares, los adultos de mayor edad y los ninos.

    General Information about Wildfires - Wildfire smoke can cause health problems for anyone, especially those with heart and lung conditions, older adults, and children.

    Wildfire and At-Risk People - More and more people are making their homes in woodland settings - in or near forests, rural areas, or remote mountain sites - areas in which wildfires are more likely to occur. Wildfires often begin unnoticed. They spread quickly, igniting brush, trees, and homes. CDC recommends taking steps before, during, and after local wildfires to reduce the effect they have on your life.

    Wildfires: A Growing Hazard in the U.S. - Over 2,200 wildfires occur in the United States each year. In March of 2006 residents in the Texas panhandle suffered through over a week of devastating wildfires that took 12 lives and damaged over $16 million in property. In 2004, wildfires burned 8 million acres in 40 states. For information to help you prevent future wildfire tragedies go to