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The FRCC Guidebook provides step-by-step instructions for conducting assessments with the FRCC Standard Landscape Worksheet Method. It also gives an overview of the new FRCC Software Application (version designed to be used with the Worksheet Method, as well as an overview of the FRCC Mapping Tool GIS software designed for use with the Standard Landscape Mapping Method.

FRCC Guidebook version 3.0 (September 2010; (pdf)
Updated Guidebook (version 3.0) Highlights (pdf)

To cite the Interagency FRCC Guidebook, please use the following reference:

Barrett, S., Havlina, D., Jones, J., Hann, W., Frame, C., Hamilton, D., Schon, K., Demeo, T., Hutter, L., and Menakis, J. 2010. Interagency Fire Regime Condition Class Guidebook. Version 3.0 [Homepage of the Interagency Fire Regime Condition Class website, USDA Forest Service, US Department of the Interior, and The Nature Conservancy]. [Online], Available:

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