Interagency Fire Operations Maps for Wyoming

The purpose of this web page is to provide downloadable maps for wildland firefighting resources in Wyoming, to build situational awareness before and while responding to wildland fires. The maps on this site should not be relied upon to make tactical decisions on wildland fires. No warranty is made by any agency for use of any maps or associated data for purposes not intended in the original design.

The maps on this site will be updated annually.


Brett Fahrer
BLM Wyoming



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wy-blm-radio-repeaters_map-graphic_20180416.jpg Wyoming BLM Radio Repeaters - 2018 [pdf]
wy-ems-response_map-graphic_20180405.jpg Wyoming EMS Response Resources - 2018 [pdf]
wy-seat-response_map-graphic_20180405.jpg Wyoming SEAT Response Resources - 2018 [pdf]
wy-radio-repeaters-bia-nps-usfs_map-graphic_20180425.jpg Wyoming BIA, NPS, and USFS Radio Repeaters - 2018 [pdf]
WARNING: File sizes range from 45 MB - 144 MB - we suggest you download the files rather than opening them through your browser (ie, right click and save link or target).
Fire Operations Mapset Key - 2018 [pdf, 46 MB]

Quadrangle Maps:

AftonNE.pdf AftonNW.pdf AftonSE.pdf AftonSW.pdf
BaggsNE.pdf BaggsNW.pdf BaggsSE.pdf BaggsSW.pdf
BairoilNE.pdf BairoilNW.pdf BairoilSE.pdf BairoilSW.pdf
BasinNE.pdf BasinNW.pdf BasinSE.pdf BasinSW.pdf
BillNE.pdf BillNW.pdf BillSE.pdf BillSW.pdf
BuffaloNE.pdf BuffaloNW.pdf BuffaloSE.pdf BuffaloSW.pdf
BurgessJunctionNE.pdf BurgessJunctionNW.pdf BurgessJunctionSE.pdf BurgessJunctionSW.pdf
CarterMountainNE.pdf CarterMountainNW.pdf CarterMountainSE.pdf CarterMountainSW.pdf
CasperNE.pdf CasperNW.pdf CasperSE.pdf CasperSW.pdf
CheyenneNE.pdf CheyenneNW.pdf CheyenneSE.pdf CheyenneSW.pdf
ChugwaterNE.pdf ChugwaterNW.pdf ChugwaterSE.pdf ChugwaterSW.pdf
CodyNE.pdf CodyNW.pdf CodySE.pdf CodySW.pdf
DevilsTowerNE.pdf DevilsTowerNW.pdf DevilsTowerSE.pdf DevilsTowerSW.pdf
DouglasNE.pdf DouglasNW.pdf DouglasSE.pdf DouglasSW.pdf
EvanstonNE.pdf EvanstonNW.pdf EvanstonSE.pdf EvanstonSW.pdf
FarsonNE.pdf FarsonNW.pdf FarsonSE.pdf FarsonSW.pdf
FireholeCanyonNE.pdf FireholeCanyonNW.pdf FireholeCanyonSE.pdf FireholeCanyonSW.pdf
FontenelleResNE.pdf FontenelleResNW.pdf FontenelleResSE.pdf FontenelleResSW.pdf
GannettPeakNE.pdf GannettPeakNW.pdf GannettPeakSE.pdf GannettPeakSW.pdf
GilletteNE.pdf GilletteNW.pdf GilletteSE.pdf GilletteSW.pdf
JacksonLakeNE.pdf JacksonLakeNW.pdf JacksonLakeSE.pdf JacksonLakeSW.pdf
JacksonNE.pdf JacksonNW.pdf JacksonSE.pdf JacksonSW.pdf
KayceeNE.pdf KayceeNW.pdf KayceeSE.pdf KayceeSW.pdf
KemmererNE.pdf KemmererNW.pdf KemmererSE.pdf KemmererSW.pdf
KinneyRimNE.pdf KinneyRimNW.pdf KinneyRimSE.pdf KinneyRimSW.pdf
LanceCreekNE.pdf LanceCreekNW.pdf LanceCreekSE.pdf LanceCreekSW.pdf
LanderNE.pdf LanderNW.pdf LanderSE.pdf LanderSW.pdf
LaramieNE.pdf LaramieNW.pdf LaramieSE.pdf LaramieSW.pdf
LaramiePeakNE.pdf LaramiePeakNW.pdf LaramiePeakSE.pdf LaramiePeakSW.pdf
LuskNE.pdf LuskNW.pdf LuskSE.pdf LuskSW.pdf
LysiteNE.pdf LysiteNW.pdf LysiteSE.pdf LysiteSW.pdf
MedicineBowNE.pdf MedicineBowNW.pdf MedicineBowSE.pdf MedicineBowSW.pdf
MidwestNE.pdf MidwestNW.pdf MidwestSE.pdf MidwestSW.pdf
NewcastleNE.pdf NewcastleNW.pdf NewcastleSE.pdf NewcastleSW.pdf
NowaterCreekNE.pdf NowaterCreekNW.pdf NowaterCreekSE.pdf NowaterCreekSW.pdf
PinedaleNE.pdf PinedaleNW.pdf PinedaleSE.pdf PinedaleSW.pdf
PowellNE.pdf PowellNW.pdf PowellSE.pdf PowellSW.pdf
RattlesnakeNE.pdf RattlesnakeNW.pdf RattlesnakeSE.pdf RattlesnakeSW.pdf
RawlinsNE.pdf RawlinsNW.pdf RawlinsSE.pdf RawlinsSW.pdf
RecluseNE.pdf RecluseNW.pdf RecluseSE.pdf RecluseSW.pdf
RedDesertBasinNE.pdf RedDesertBasinNW.pdf RedDesertBasinSE.pdf RedDesertBasinSW.pdf
RenoJunctionNE.pdf RenoJunctionNW.pdf RenoJunctionSE.pdf RenoJunctionSW.pdf
RivertonNE.pdf RivertonNW.pdf RivertonSE.pdf RivertonSW.pdf
RockRiverNE.pdf RockRiverNW.pdf RockRiverSE.pdf RockRiverSW.pdf
RockSpringsNE.pdf RockSpringsNW.pdf RockSpringsSE.pdf RockSpringsSW.pdf
SaratogaNE.pdf SaratogaNW.pdf SaratogaSE.pdf SaratogaSW.pdf
SheridanNE.pdf SheridanNW.pdf SheridanSE.pdf SheridanSW.pdf
ShirleyBasinNE.pdf ShirleyBasinNW.pdf ShirleyBasinSE.pdf ShirleyBasinSW.pdf
SouthPassNE.pdf SouthPassNW.pdf SouthPassSE.pdf SouthPassSW.pdf
SundanceNE.pdf SundanceNW.pdf SundanceSE.pdf SundanceSW.pdf
TheRamshornNE.pdf TheRamshornNW.pdf TheRamshornSE.pdf TheRamshornSW.pdf
ThermopolisNE.pdf ThermopolisNW.pdf ThermopolisSE.pdf ThermopolisSW.pdf
TorringtonNE.pdf TorringtonNW.pdf TorringtonSE.pdf TorringtonSW.pdf
WorlandNE.pdf WorlandNW.pdf WorlandSE.pdf WorlandSW.pdf
YellowstoneNorthNE.pdf YellowstoneNorthNW.pdf YellowstoneNorthSE.pdf YellowstoneNorthSW.pdf
YellowstoneSouthNE.pdf YellowstoneSouthNW.pdf YellowstoneSouthSE.pdf YellowstoneSouthSW.pdf
WARNING: File sizes can be large - we suggest you download the files rather than opening them through your browser
(ie, right click and save link or target).

Wyoming Statewide Aviation Hazards 2018 [pdf]

NOTE: the dispatch level aviation maps are suitable for printing, but the statewide map should only be used in Avenza or other PDF viewing software due to file and page size constraints.

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