Interagency Fire Operations Maps for California

The purpose of this web page is to provide downloadable maps for wildland firefighting resources in California, to build situational awareness before and while responding to wildland fires. The maps on this site should not be relied upon to make tactical decisions on wildland fires. No warranty is made by any agency for use of any maps or associated data for purposes not intended in the original design.

The maps on this site will be updated annually.


Steven Waltersheid
BLM California



WARNING: File sizes can be large - we suggest you download the files rather than opening them through your browser
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ca-map-graphic_20170419.jpg California Known Aviation Hazards Atlas Index Map [pdf]
A1-CapeBlanco.pdf A2-Medford.pdf A3-KlamathFalls.pdf A4-Adel.pdf  
B1-CrescentCity.pdf B2-Weed.pdf B3-Alturas.pdf B4-Vya.pdf  
C1-Eureka.pdf C2-Redding.pdf C3-Susanville.pdf C4-Lovelock.pdf  
D1-UkiahW.pdf D2-Ukiah.pdf D3-Chico.pdf D4-Reno.pdf  
E2-SantaRosa.pdf E3-Sacramento.pdf E4-WalkerLake.pdf E5-Tonopah.pdf  
F2-SanFrancisco.pdf F3-SanJose.pdf F4-Mariposa.pdf F5-Goldfield.pdf F6-Caliente.pdf
G3-Monterey.pdf G4-Fresno.pdf G5-DeathValley.pdf G6-LasVegas.pdf  
H3-SanLuisObispo.pdf H4-Bakersfield.pdf H5-Trona.pdf H6-Kingman.pdf  
I3-SantaMaria.pdf I4-LosAngeles.pdf I5-SanBernardino.pdf I6-Needles.pdf  
J3-SantaRosaIsland.pdf J4-LongBeach.pdf J5-SantaAna.pdf J6-SaltonSea.pdf  
K4-SanClementeIsland.pdf K5-SanDiego.pdf K6-ElCentro.pdf    

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