About the Fire and Fire Surrogates Study

    Fire and Fire Surrogates Study: A national study to assess the effects of fire and fire surrogate fuel treatments.

    Project Goal:

    The goal of this project is to quantify the costs and the ecological consequences of alternative fire and fire surrogate restorative treatments in a number of forest types and conditions in the United States. Priority is given to forests with low- to moderate-severity natural fire regimes.

    Project Overview Documents:

    FFS Treatments in Action:

    • Animation of a prescribed fire at Zaleski State Forest, Ohio. Download and view an animated representation of a prescribed fire at Zaleski State Forest at Ohio site. (Mpeg Video file, 882 KB size.) Animation of prescribed fire in Ohio.
    • Video of prescribed burn on the Raccoon Ecological Management Area, Ohio, Spring 2005. View a video of a prescribed fire in a burn only plot within the Raccoon Ecological Management Area of the Ohio Hills FFS site, spring 2005. The tree in the center of the image was instrumented with temperature sensors as part of a study on heat transfer through bark by Matt Dickinson and Tony Bova. Notice the examples of leeward vortices and flames "sticking" to the bole. (Windows Media Video file, 1.6 MB size, Windows Media Player required to view.) Video of prescribed fire in Ohio, 2005.
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