FFI Manuals and Software

    FFI User Guide
    Most users will want to download this document. Includes FFI and SQL Server installation instructions.
    FFI-UG_Aug_2017 (13MB)

    Protocol Manager User Guide
    Download only if using Protocol Manager to create protocols or manage protocol files. 
    FFI-PM_April2013 (5MB)

    GIS Module User Guide
    Included with the GIS installer on the Software tab.

    PDA Field Handbook
    Download only if using a PDA to collect FFI data.
    FFI-PDA_June2008 (2MB)

    If you are upgrading to FFI v1.05.04.00 follow these instructions: 

    FFI_1050400_Upgrade_Installation_Instructions.pdf (3MB)

    If you are installing FFI for the first time follow the installation procedure in the FFI User Guide (13MB)

    TIP: Download files to a temporary directory such as C:\FFI_Temp.

    To use the FFI monitoring software, download and install:

    FFI Install Package FFI_1050400_Installer.zip (34MB)

    SQL Server Express 2012 - see the installation instructions in the FFI User Guide

    To use the FFI-Lite monitoring software: download and install:

    FFI-Lite Install Package FFI_Lite_1050400_Installer.zip (20MB)

    To use the FFI GIS utility, download and install: FFI_GIS_Installers_and_User_Guide (21MB)

    If attending a FFI training class or if you wish to have a practice dataset available for your use, download the Training Database. The zip file includes both FFI (BAK) and FFI-Lite (SDF) databases: FFI_Training_Data_10504.zip (13MB).

    FFI and FFI-Lite protocols (PMD file): FFI_Protocols_10504.zip (1MB)

    NOTE: You will need to restore the FFI Training Database using SQL Server 2012 or newer. It cannot be restored with SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008.

    Windows Clean Up Utility (EXE, 351KB)
    *Use only in conjunction with FFI_SQL_Install_Error_MSXML6.pdf