Other Documents

    Manually Entering SQL Server Instance Name (pdf)
    Restarting SQL Server(pdf)
    Query Calculation Guide (pdf)
    FFI SQL Install Error MSXML6 (pdf)
    Windows 7 Local Group Policy Firewall Changes for SQL Server in Domain Environment (pdf)
    Installing and Configuring a FFI Database Master (pdf)
    Reset SQL Password (pdf)
    Resolving errors when restoring databases (pdf)
    Setting FFI Folder Permissions (pdf)
    Default Monitoring Status (pdf)
    FFI Hide Move Freeze Columns (pdf)
    FFI Import Export (pdf)
    Macroplot Builder (pdf)
    ARS Cover Points Protocol Overview (pdf)
    FFI_Data_Table_Scheme_v1_05_03 (pdf)

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    These data forms are designed to be used with the protocols that are delivered with the FFI software. You will need Adobe Reader to view the forms.

    Biomass - Fuels (pdf)
    Biomass - Plants (pdf)
    Composite Burn Index (pdf)
    Cover - Frequency (pdf)
    Cover - Line Intercept (pdf)
    Cover - Points (pdf)
    Cover - Points by Transect (pdf)
    Cover - Species Composition (pdf)
    Density - Belts (pdf)
    Density - Quadrats (pdf)
    Disturbance History (pdf)
    Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS) (pdf)
    Fire Behavior (pdf)
    Macro Plot (pdf)
    Pilot Sampling (pdf)
    Plot Description (pdf)
    Post Burn Severity (pdf)
    Rare Plants (pdf)
    Surface Fuels (pdf)
    Surface Fuels - Veg (pdf)
    Surface Fuels-Alaska (pdf)
    Trees-Individuals (pdf)
    Trees-Diameter Class (pdf)
    Trees-Height Class (pdf)