Guidance for Smoke Safety Issues

Smoke from wildland fire has the potential to impact wildland fire personnel as well as the public, beyond regulatory and nuisance issues. The University of Idaho and NWCG Smoke Committee have coordinated to provide guidance on two key safety issues: smoke exposure for wildland firefighters, and planning to address reduced visibility on the roadway from smoke. A draft guidebook has been developed to address each of these issues. Please note these are draft guides, as we receive feedback from both NWCG Committees, and fire personnel in the field, we will update these guides. Any updated guides will be available here.




DRAFT Wildland Fire Personnel Transportation Safety Guidebook (July 2014)



DRAFT Wildland Fire Personnel Smoke Exposure Guidebook (March 2016)


The Wildand Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR) group has produced a video to address personnel exposure to wildland fire smoke entitled 'Smoke: Knowing the Risks'. Click on the link below to view this video in YouTube.