Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program & Air Resource Advisors

ARA_PL.jpg Smoke from wildfires can directly impact both the public and wildfire personnel. A new Technical Specialist is being made available to incident management teams and agency administrators to help address this issue. Air Resource Advisors (THSP-ARA) are trained to be dispatched to an incident to assist with understanding and predicting smoke impacts on the public and fire personnel.

Air Resource Advisors analyze and summarize air quality information. They work on Incident Management Teams with public information officers, fire behavior analysts, meteorologists and others addressing smoke issues. They coordinate with multiple agencies to address public health risks and concerns, risks to transportation safety, and fire personnel exposure including in base camp.

Visit the Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program page for information on the program, ARAs, and more.

Current ARA deployments are posted on the ARA Deployment Calendar.

Below are information sources describing the Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program and Air Resource Advisors.

Smoke_vid_thumbnail.png Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program: This 30 minute presentation describes the Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program and examples of its use. Presented by Pete Lahm, USFS Fire and Aviation Management. (MP4 file for viewing in Firefox)(WMV file for viewing in IE).
SMG_thumbnail.png What's an Air Resource Advisor: A one page description of Air Resource Advisors and what they do, and how they are assigned to incidents.
SMPG_thumbnail.png Air Resource Advisor (THSP-ARA) Position Description: A three page in-depth description of the Air Resource Advisor Position.