Smoke Management Resources

This page highlights smoke management tools in and information from a variety of sources. The tools here include guidebooks, applications, and recent digital media.


Smoke_vid_thumbnail.png Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program and Air Resource Advisors: This page provides a presentation and additional documents describing the Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program and the deployment of Air Resource Advisors.
Smoke_vid_thumbnail.png Minimizing Impacts from Prescribed Fire: A 6 part video series: Describes the mission and methods of the US Forest Service's Air Resource Management Program.
exposure_7_18_JH.jpg Smoke Exposure and Transportation Draft Guides: The University of Idaho and NWCG Smoke Committee have coordinated to produce draft safety guidebooks to address smoke exposure among wildland fire personnel, and transportation safety issues. Access guidebooks and more here.

SMG_thumbnail.png Smoke Management Guide for Prescribed Fire: This page describes the progress on the revision of the 2001 Smoke Management Guide for Prescribed and Wildland Fire. Update July 2016: The Smoke Management Guide is currently being reviewed by the National Wildfire Coordination Group
smokeguidethumbnail.png Smoke Management Photographic Guide: A Visual Aid for Communicating Impacts: this guide is to serve as a tool for communicating potential particulate matter (PM2.5) levels during wildfire events using visual representation. Examples of visibility impairment under various levels of smoke concentration and humidity have been modeled using the WinHaze program.
SMPG_thumbnail.png Prescribed Fire Smoke Management Pocket Guide: This mobile app from North Carolina State University features Guidelines, a fuel calculator, fact sheets, a mobile version of Smokepedia, and other helpful resources. It can be accessed here, or in the 'Air Quality Library', listed under 'Interagency Coordination and Guides' tab.
webinar page.png Smoke Webinar and Videos: Here you will find webinars hosted or co-hosted by the NWCG Smoke Committee, or the University of Idaho that address smoke and air quality.