Smoke Management Resources

This page highlights smoke management tools in and information from a variety of sources. The tools here include guidebooks, applications, and recent digital media.


draft_RHR_rule2.png Air Quality RegulationsA list of current federal air quality regulation updates and changes. Currently this page addresses ozone, the Exceptional Events Rule, and Regional Haze.
Smoke Guidebooks and Resources:
Guidebooks addressing smoke management, health, safety, and other topics.
Smoke_vid_thumbnail.png Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program and Air Resource Advisors: This page provides a presentation and additional documents describing the Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program and the deployment of Air Resource Advisors.
indoorairthumb.png Indoor Air Quality: Information page focusing on indoor air quality during wildland fire smoke events.
webinar page.png Smoke Webinar and Videos: Here you will find webinars hosted or co-hosted by the NWCG Smoke Committee, or the University of Idaho that address smoke and air quality.
Smokeblogs.png Smoke Blogs: Links to several state smoke blogs that are used to disseminate information  during the wildfire season.