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Basic Smoke Management Practices

Guidance for After Action Review of Smoke Impacts - An 8 page guidance document for performing after action reviews of smoke impacts. Redirects to the document located on the National Interagency Fire Center Smoke page.

Basic Smoke Management Practices - A 12 page guide to basic smoke management practices developed by the NWCG Smoke Committee, Forest Service, and Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Basic Smoke Management Practices for Prescribed Burning - A 2 page Summary

SFE Webinar: Basic Smoke Management Practices - YouTube video, A Southern Fire Exchange webinar presented by USDA Forest Service Air Resource Specialist Pete Lahm. This webinar presented an introduction to the six components of the USFS-NRCS Basic Smoke Management Practices. Published on Apr 4, 2014

Smoke Policies and Protocols

Interim Air Quality Policy on Wildland and Prescribed Fires - 1998 document describing the Environmental Protection Agency's policy on smoke from wildland and prescribed fires.

Montana Idaho Smoke Management Integration Strategy - 2009 documentation for Montana and Idaho's strategy to mitigate public health and welfare impacts caused by smoke from unplanned ignitions.

Oregon Wildfire Response Protocol for Severe Smoke Episodes

Monitoring and Exposure

EPA Next Generation Air Monitoring - Briefing for NWCG Smoke Committee 20 March 2014

Detecting CO in the Emergency Department - Whitepaper from Masimo Corp.

What I Don't Know Won't Kill Me - Presentation on CO Exposure to Firefighters

DRAFT Wildland Fire Presonnel Smoke Exposure Guidebook - Spring 2016 DRAFT