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    Case Studies

    Air Quality Impacts

    Air quality regulations are continually evolving; These ongoing changes affect wildland fire planning and operations and their use in meeting land management objectives. The case studies below present situations where air quality and smoke management issues presented themselves in the context of actual management situations. Each case study examines a different aspect of air quality and smoke management, and how it impacted managers or the public.

    These case studies are intended for those who already have a basic knowledge of air quality issues such as knowing the major federal policies, impacts smoke has on communities, and smoke management techniques. For those who do not have this background, we recommend the Smoke Management and Air Quality for Land Managers Tutorial. The Tutorial is made up of four learning modules that contain information, interactive examples, and links to provide introductory knowledge on smoke impacts, federal regulations, smoke management techniques, and communication.

    Alligator Alley
    Atlanta Incident
    Online Tutorial

    The Alligator Alley Incident
    Land managers, line officers, air quality regulators, and members of the public are all affected by fires and emissions in various ways. Even when the burn is carried out properly, a successful result isn't always guaranteed.

    The Atlanta Incident
    Due to the amount of area burned, and the increasing concern for air quality, emissions from fires have received growing attention in recent years. Enhanced knowledge of smoke impacts is necessary to better understand how management decisions may affect potential receptors.

    Smoke Management and Air Quality for Land Managers Tutorial
    The online tutorial is designed for members of the fire community who are seeking an overview of air quality impacts and their affect on wildland fire management. The tutorial contains four sections outlining basic smoke management and air quality topics including impacts of smoke, air quality regulations, smoke management, and communication and collaboration.