Spectral Library: Western Montana

    An objective of this Assessing Burn Severity project was to form a spectral library of endmembers of the major surface component materials encountered on the wildfires we sampled in western Montana mixed conifer forest, southern California chaparral, and interior Alaska spruce forest. Within each of these three regions, we have further organized the spectral endmembers into functional groups:

    1. green (photosynthetic) vegetation
    2. non-photosynthetic vegetation
    3. soil and/or rock
    4. char and/or ash spectra

    A digital photo of the endmember material, a graph of the endmember spectrum, and a downloadable ASCII file of the actual spectrum is provided. We encourage users to download these endmember spectra for SMA of imagery within these regions, both for burn severity or other applications.

    Material Name Wildfire Sampled Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
    Alder Black Mountain black_alder.jpg alder.jpg alder.txt
    Alder Robert rob_alder.jpg alder.jpg alder.txt
    Bear Grass Cooney Ridge cooney_beargrass.jpg beargras.jpg beargras.txt
    Bear Grass Robert -- beargrs.jpg beargrs.txt
    Cottonwood Black Mountain black_cottonwood.jpg cottonwd.jpg cottonwd.txt
    Cottonwood Robert rob_cottonwood.jpg cottonwd.jpg cottonwd.txt
    Douglas Fir Black Mountain black_df_bole.jpg dougfir.jpg dougfir.txt
    Douglas Fir Cooney Ridge fir.jpg dougfir.jpg dougfir.txt
    Douglas Fir Cooney Ridge -- dougfir1.jpg dougfir1.txt
    Fireweed Wedge wed_flowering-fireweed.jpg fireweed.jpg fireweed.txt
    Flowering Fireweed Robert rob_flowering-fireweed.jpg fireweed.jpg fireweed.txt
    Flowering Goldenrod Robert rob_flowering-goldenrod.jpg goldnrod.jpg goldnrod.txt
    Grand Fir Robert -- grandfir.jpg grandfir.txt
    Grass Cooney Ridge green_grass.jpg grass.jpg grass.txt
    Green Alder Robert green_alder.jpg alder2.jpg alder2.txt
    Green Balsam Poplar Bark on Fresh Windfall Robert -- cottbark.jpg cottbark.txt
    Green Grass Black Mountain black_greengrass.jpg grngrass.jpg grngrass.txt
    Green Larch Robert -- larchgr.jpg larchgr.txt
    Green Lodgepole Pine Robert green_lp.jpg lodgegr.jpg lodgegr.txt
    Green Shrub Cooney Ridge -- grnshrub.jpg grnshrub.txt
    Green Shrub Robert -- shrubgr.jpg shrubgr.txt
    Green Yew Robert pacific_yew.jpg yewgrn.jpg yewgrn.txt
    Horsetail Robert rob_horsetail.jpg horstail.jpg horstail.txt
    Knapweed Cooney Ridge knapweed.jpg knapweed.jpg knapweed.txt
    Larch Cooney Ridge larch.jpg larch.jpg larch.txt
    Lodgepole Pine Black Mountain black_lodgepole-pine.jpg lodgepol.jpg lodgepol.txt
    Lodgepole Pine Cooney Ridge lodgepole_pine.jpg lodgepol.jpg lodgepol.txt
    Maidenfern Robert rob_fern.jpg maidfern.jpg maidfern.txt
    Maple Robert rob_mountain-maple.jpg maple.jpg maple.txt
    Monu Maple Cooney Ridge rm_maple.jpg monumapl.jpg monumapl.txt
    Moss Robert rob_green_moss.jpg moss.jpg moss.txt
    Nine Bark Cooney Ridge ninebark.jpg ninebark.jpg ninebark.txt
    Ponderosa Pine Black Mountain black_pp_bole.jpg ponpine.jpg ponpine.txt
    Ponderosa Pine Cooney Ridge ponderosa.jpg ponderos.jpg ponderos.txt
    Purple Flower Robert -- purpflow.jpg purpflow.txt
    Quaking Aspen Black Mountain -- quakaspn.jpg quakaspn.txt
    Quaking Aspen Cooney Ridge quaking_aspen.jpg quakeasp.jpg quakeasp.txt
    Red Flower Robert -- redflow.jpg redflow.txt
    Rocky Mountain Maple Robert turning_rmm.jpg rmmaple.jpg rmmaple.txt
    Spruce Cooney Ridge spruce.jpg spruce.jpg spruce.txt
    Spruce Robert green_es.jpg spruce.jpg spruce.txt
    Spruce Robert rob_englemann-spruce.jpg spruce2.jpg spruce2.txt
    Subalpine Fir Robert rob_subalpine_fir.jpg subalp.jpg subalp.txt
    Subalpine Fir Robert -- subalpin.jpg subalpin.txt
    Thimble Black Mountain black_thimbleberry.jpg thimble.jpg thimble.txt
    White Flower Robert -- whitflow.jpg whitflow.txt
    White Pine Robert rob_white_pine.jpg whitepin.jpg whitepin.txt
    White Pine Robert -- whitepine.jpg whitpine.txt
    Willow Black Mountain black_willow.jpg willow.jpg willow.txt
    Willow Robert rob_willow.jpg willow.jpg willow.txt
    Willow Robert green_willow.jpg willow2.jpg willow2.txt
    Wooley Mullein Wedge wed_woolly_mullen.jpg woolymul.jpg woolymul.txt
    Material Name Wildfire Sampled Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
    Brown Needles Black Mountain brown_pp_needles.jpg needbrow.jpg needbrow.txt
    Dead Bark Robert -- deadbark.jpg deadbark.txt
    Dead Cottonwood Robert rob_dead-cottonwood_leaves.jpg deadcott.jpg deadcott.txt
    Dead Douglas Fir Cooney Ridge dead_doug_fir.jpg deaddoug.jpg deaddoug.txt
    Dead Fern Robert rob_dead_ferns.jpg deadfern.jpg deadfern.txt
    Dead Fir Tree Wedge wed_dead-subalpine_needles.jpg deadsfir.jpg deadsfir.txt
    Dead Litter Wedge wed_coniferous_litter.jpg deadlitt.jpg deadlitt.txt
    Dead Lodgepole Pine Wedge wed_dead-lodgepole_needles.jpg deadlodg.jpg deadlodg.txt
    Dead Needles Black Mountain -- deadneed.jpg deadneed.txt
    Dead Ponderosa Pine Cooney Ridge dead_ponderosa_pine.jpg deadpond.jpg deadpond.txt
    Dead Twigs Robert rob_dead_spruce_twigs.jpg deadtwig.jpg deadtwig.txt
    Dead Yew Robert -- yewdead.jpg yewdead.txt
    Inner Bark Robert rob_uncharred_inner-conifer_bark.jpg innrbark.jpg innrbark.txt
    Old Wood Cooney Ridge old_wood.jpg oldwood.jpg oldwood.txt
    Slash Black Mountain black_woodslash.jpg wdslash.jpg wdslash.txt
    Uncharred Stump Wood Robert rob_ucharred_crosscut-stumpwood.jpg stmpwood.jpg stmpwood.txt
    Material Name Wildfire Sampled Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
    Blue Saddle Calibration Site Black Mountain black_bluemtn-saddle_calibration.jpg bluesadl.jpg bluesadl.txt
    Calibration Site 4 Black Mountain black_site4cal.jpg site4cal.jpg site4cal.txt
    Gray Rock Cooney Ridge cooney_grayrock.jpg grayrock.jpg grayrock.txt
    Gray Rock Robert gray_rock.jpg grayrock.jpg grayrock.txt
    Hilltop Callibration Site Robert rob_nw_hilltop_mcginnis-creek_calib_site.jpg hillcal.jpg hillcal.txt
    Morel Calibration Site Cooney Ridge cooney_morel_hilltop-calibration_site.jpg morelcal.jpg morelcal.txt
    Old Rocky Calibration Site Cooney Ridge -- oldrocky.jpg oldrocky.txt
    Red Rock Robert -- redrock.jpg redrock.txt
    Road Calibration Site Black Mountain black_5roadjunction-calibration.jpg calib5rd.jpg calib5rd.txt
    Rock Black Mountain -- rocksig.jpg rocksig.txt
    Rocky Calibration Site Cooney Ridge rockycal.jpg rockycal.jpg rockycal.txt
    Rocky Gravel Road Surface Robert rob_road_soil.jpg roadsoil.jpg roadsoil.txt
    SG Saddle Calibration Site Cooney Ridge cooney_sg_saddle.jpg sgsaddle.jpg sgsaddle.txt
    Unburned Rock Black Mountain -- rockunbu.jpg rockunbu.txt
    Unburned Soil Cooney Ridge bare_soil.jpg soil_unb.jpg soil_unb.txt
    Uncharred Rock Wedge wed_gray_rock-dominating_hillslopes.jpg grayrock.jpg grayrock.txt
    Uncharred Soil Wedge wed_uncharred_soil.jpg baresoil.jpg baresoil.txt
    West Teepee Creek Calibration Site Wedge wed_west_teepee-creek_calibration_site.jpg teepeeca.jpg teepeeca.txt
    Whale Creek Calibration Site Wedge wed_whale_creek-calibration_site_a.jpg whalecal.jpg whalecal.txt
    Wide Pullout Callibration Site Robert -- calibrd.jpg calibrd.txt
    Material Name Wildfire Sampled Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
    Ash Black Mountain ashed_litter.jpg ash.jpg ash.txt
    Ash Cooney Ridge ash.jpg ash.jpg ash.txt
    Charred Bark Black Mountain -- barkchar.jpg barkchar.txt
    Charred Bark Black Mountain -- charbark.jpg charbark.txt
    Charred Bark Robert rob_charred-conifer_bark.jpg charbark.jpg charbark.txt
    Charred Litter Black Mountain beer_bottle.jpg littchar.jpg littchar.txt
    Charred Rock Black Mountain charred_rock.jpg charrock.jpg charrock.txt
    Charred Soil Black Mountain light_char_soil.jpg charsoil.jpg charsoil.txt
    Charred Soil Cooney Ridge cooney_charsoil.jpg charsoil.jpg charsoil.txt
    Charred Wood Black Mountain black_char_log.jpg charwood.jpg charwood.txt
    Charred Wood Cooney Ridge cooney_charwood.jpg charwood.jpg charwood.txt
    Charred Wood Wedge wed_charred_wood.jpg charwood.jpg charwood.txt