Spectral Library: Southern California

    An objective of this Assessing Burn Severity project was to form a spectral library of endmembers of the major surface component materials encountered on the wildfires we sampled in western Montana mixed conifer forest, southern California chaparral, and interior Alaska spruce forest. Within each of these three regions, we have further organized the spectral endmembers into functional groups:

    1. green (photosynthetic) vegetation
    2. non-photosynthetic vegetation
    3. soil and/or rock
    4. char and/or ash spectra

    A digital photo of the endmember material, a graph of the endmember spectrum, and a downloadable ASCII file of the actual spectrum is provided. We encourage users to download these endmember spectra for SMA of imagery within these regions, both for burn severity or other applications.

    Material Name Wildfire Sampled Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
    Adenstoma chamise Old Fire adenstoma_chamise_old2.jpg chamise.jpg chamise.txt
    Adenstoma chamise Simi Fire adenstoma_chamise_simi.jpg chamise.jpg chamise.txt
    ARCA Artemisia californica (California Sagebrush) Simi Fire arca_artemisia_californica-california_sagebrush_simi5.jpg artemisi.jpg artemisi.txt
    ARGL Arctostaphylos Green Manzanita Old Fire argl_arctostaphylos-green_manzanita_old2.jpg manzanit.jpg manzanit.txt
    Artemisia Old Fire perhaps_artemisia-old_site3.jpg grnsage.jpg grnsage.txt
    Atriplex (maybe artemisia) Simi Fire atriplex_accordingto_hiker-maybe_artemisia_simi.jpg atriplex.jpg atriplex.txt
    Buckwheat Simi Fire buckwheat_simi-alsoat_old.jpg buckwht.jpg buckwht.txt
    CEOL ceonothus oligantha Old Fire ceol_ceonothus-oligantha_old2.jpg ceonothu.jpg ceonothu.txt
    Ceonothus Cordulata (Mountain Whitehorn) Old Fire ceonothus_cordulata_mountain-whitethorn_hilltop_old.jpg grnspine.jpg grnspine.txt
    Ceonothus macrocarpus bigpod ceonothus Old Fire ceonothus_macrocarpus_bigpod-ceonothus_hilltop_old.jpg bigpod.jpg bigpod.txt
    Ceonothus Regrowth Simi Fire ceonothus_regrowth-simi1.jpg ceonothu.jpg ceonothu.txt
    Chaparral ribes Simi Fire chaparral_ribes_simi1.jpg ribes.jpg ribes.txt
    ERCR Yerba santa Old Fire ercr_yerba-santa_old2.jpg yerbasan.jpg yerbasan.txt
    ERCR Yerba santa Simi Fire ercr_yerba-santa_simi.jpg yerbasan.jpg yerbasan.txt
    ERTR Sticky Yerba santa Old Fire ertr_glisteny_sticky-yerba-santa_northof_old3.jpg yerbshin.jpg yerbshin.txt
    Fremontia californica (Flannelbush) Old Fire fremontia_californica-flannelbush_old2.jpg ribesoak.jpg ribesoak.txt
    Goldbush (probably tarweed) Simi Fire -- goldbush.jpg goldbush.txt
    Green Quercus dumosa Simi Fire green_quercus_dumosa-southsimi_neargate.jpg greedumo.jpg greedumo.txt
    Jeffry Pine Old Fire hilltop_pine_probably-jeffrey_old.jpg newpine.jpg newpine.txt
    Lupinus Simi Fire lupinus_simi_site5.jpg lupine.jpg lupine.txt
    Manzanita Regrowth Simi Fire manzanita_regrowth-simi1.jpg manzan.jpg manzan.txt
    Milkweed Old Fire milkweed_northof-old3.jpg milkweed.jpg milkweed.txt
    Quercus kelloggii Old Fire quercus_kelloggii-hilltop_old.jpg kellogii.jpg kellogii.txt
    Quercus kelloggii Resprout Old Fire quercus_kelloggii-resprout_old_site2.jpg oaksprou.jpg oaksprou.txt
    Quercus lobata (Valley Oak) Simi Fire quercus_lobata_valley-oak_simi4and5.jpg valeyoak.jpg valeyoak.txt
    Rhus Laurel Sumac Simi Fire rhus_laurel-sumac_simi6.jpg laursuma.jpg laursuma.txt
    Silvery Artemisia Type Lowshrub Old Fire silvery_artemisia_type-lowshrub_northof_old3.jpg silvrmat.jpg silvrmat.txt
    Tarweed Simi Fire tarweed_simi_site5.jpg tarweed.jpg tarweed.txt
    Turkey mullein Simi Fire turkey_mullen_simi5.jpg turkmull.jpg turkmull.txt
    Yucca Simi Fire yucca_simi2.jpg yucca.jpg yucca.txt
    Material Name Wildfire Sampled Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
    ARGL Arctostaphylos Dead Manzanita Old Fire argl_arctostaphylos_dead-manzanita_old2.jpg deadmanz.jpg deadmanz.txt
    Bleached ceonothus stems Old Fire bleached_ceonothus-stems_hilltop_old.jpg bleachwd.jpg bleachwd.txt
    Brown Coulter Pine Needles Old Fire brown_coulter_pine-needles_near_old1.jpg deadneed.jpg deadneed.txt
    Dead Ceonothus Brush Old Fire dead_ceonothus-brush_northof_old3.jpg deadceon.jpg deadceon.txt
    Dead Grass Simi Fire -- deadgras.jpg deadgras.txt
    Dead Ground Litter Old Fire dead_ground_litter-northof_old3.jpg deadlitt.jpg deadlitt.txt
    Dead Quercus dumosa Simi Fire dead_quercus_dumosa-southsimi_neargate.jpg deaddumo.jpg deadumo.txt
    Type of Nodding Dead Broom Grass Simi Fire typeof_noddng_dead-broom_grass_simi5.jpg goldgras.jpg goldgras.txt
    Uncharred Coulter Pine Bark Old Fire uncharred_coulter_pine-bark_near_old1.jpg coulbark.jpg coulbark.txt
    Uncharred Oak Bark Old Fire uncharred_oakbark-near_old_site1.jpg kellbark.jpg kellbark.txt
    Wood Crosscut Old Fire wood_crosscut-old_site2.jpg crosscut.jpg crosscut.txt
    Material Name Wildfire Sampled Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
    Big Sandstone Rocks - Crumby Sandstone Simi Fire -- bigrocks.jpg bigrocks.txt
    Concrete Bridge Calibration Site Simi Fire concrete_bridge_calibration-site_simi.jpg bridge.jpg bridge.txt
    Crumby Sandstone Simi Fire crumby_sandstone_simi.jpg sandston.jpg sandston.txt
    Hilltop Calibration Site Old Fire hilltop_calibration-site_old.jpg hillcali.jpg hillcali.txt
    Old Deepcreek Calibration Site Old Fire old_deepcreek-calibration_site.jpg deepcali.jpg deepcali.txt
    Private Logging Calibration Site - Sand Old Fire private_logging_calibration-site_sand_old.jpg privcali.jpg privcali.txt
    Private Logging Calibration Site - Woodchips Old Fire private_logging_calibration-site_woodchips_old.jpg privwood.jpg privwood.txt
    Sand at Parking Spot Simi Fire -- parksand.jpg parksand.txt
    Uncharred Sand Old Fire uncharred_sand-old_site2.jpg sand.jpg sand.txt
    Material Name Wildfire Sampled Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
    Charred Chamise Stem Simi Fire charred_chamise-stem_simi6.jpg burncham.jpg burncham.txt
    Charred Coulter Pinebark Old Fire charred_coulter_pinebark-old_site2.jpg charbark.jpg charbark.txt
    Charred Log Old Fire charred_log-old_site2.jpg charlogs.jpg charlogs.txt
    Charred Rock Old Fire charred_rock_old2.jpg charrock.jpg charrock.txt
    Charred Soil Old Fire charred_soil-old_site2.jpg charsoil.jpg charsoil.txt
    Charred Soil Simi Fire charred_soil-simi_site5.jpg graysoil.jpg graysoil.txt