Spectral Library: Interior Alaska

    An objective of this Assessing Burn Severity project was to form a spectral library of endmembers of the major surface component materials encountered on the wildfires we sampled in western Montana mixed conifer forest, southern California chaparral, and interior Alaska spruce forest. Within each of these three regions, we have further organized the spectral endmembers into functional groups:

    1. green (photosynthetic) vegetation
    2. non-photosynthetic vegetation
    3. soil and/or rock
    4. char and/or ash spectra

    A digital photo of the endmember material, a graph of the endmember spectrum, and a downloadable ASCII file of the actual spectrum is provided. We encourage users to download these endmember spectra for SMA of imagery within these regions, both for burn severity or other applications.

    Material Name Wildfire Sampled Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
    Green Alder Taylor Complex green_alder.jpg grnalder.jpg grnalder.txt
    Green Aspen Taylor Complex green_aspen.jpg grnaspen.jpg grnaspen.txt
    Green Balsam Poplar Taylor Complex green_balsam_poplar.jpg grnbpopl.jpg grnbpopl.txt
    Green Birch Taylor Complex green_paper_birch.jpg grnbirch.jpg grnbirch.txt
    Green Black Spruce Taylor Complex green_black_spruce.jpg grnspruc.jpg grnspruc.txt
    Green Blueberry Taylor Complex -- grnblubr.jpg grnblubr.txt
    Green and Brown Moss and Green Liverwort Taylor Complex green-brown_moss_and_liverwort.jpg mosswort.jpg mosswort.txt
    Green Colts Foot Taylor Complex green_crows_foot.jpg coltfoot.jpg coltfoot.txt
    Green Dwarf Bog Birch Resprouts Taylor Complex green_dwarf_birch_resprout.jpg dwrfbrch.jpg dwrfbrch.txt
    Green Feather Moss Taylor Complex green_feather_moss.jpg grnfeath.jpg grnfeath.txt
    Green Fireweed Taylor Complex green_fireweed.jpg fireweed.jpg
    Green Grass Taylor Complex green_grass.jpg grngrass.jpg grngrass.txt
    Green Horsetail Taylor Complex green_horsetail.jpg grnhorse.jpg grnhorse.txt
    Green Willow Resprouts Taylor Complex green_salix.jpg grnsalix.jpg grnsalix.txt
    Material Name Wildfire Sampled Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
    Dead Aspen Logs Taylor Complex uncharred_dead_aspen_bark.jpg dedaspen.jpg dedaspen.txt
    Dead Birch Logs Taylor Complex uncharred_dead_birch_bark.jpg dedbirch.jpg dedbirch.txt
    Dead Feather Moss Taylor Complex dead_gray_feathermoss.jpg dedfeath.jpg dedfeath.txt
    Uncharred Dead Spruce Branch Taylor Complex uncharred_dead_spruce_twigs.jpg dedspruc.jpg dedspruc.txt
    Dead Uncharred Wood Taylor Complex uncharred_weathered_spruce_wood.jpg deadwood.jpg deadwood.txt
    Material Name Wildfire Sampled Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
    Parking Area Taylor Complex -- parking.jpg parking.txt
    Material Name Wildfire Sampled Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
    Ash Taylor Complex ash.jpg ash.jpg ash.txt
    Charred Duff on Surface Taylor Complex charred_duff.jpg charduff.jpg charduff.txt
    Charred Tree Taylor Complex charred_spruce_bark.jpg chartree.jpg chartree.txt