Spectral Library: Eastern Washington

An objective of this Assessing Burn Severity project was to form a spectral library of endmembers of the major surface components encountered on the wildfires we sampled in western Montana and eastern Washington mixed conifer forests, southern California chaparral, and interior Alaska spruce forest. In eastern Washington, we concentrated our spectral endmember collection on vegetation types: 

  1. native green vegetation
  2. introduced green vegetation
  3. noxious green vegetation
  4. non-photosynthetic vegetation

We used the USDA PLANTS database (U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service [USDA NRCS]. 2015. The PLANTS Database [Online]. National Plant Data Team. Greensboro, NC. Available: http://plants.usda.gov) to classify species as native, introduced, or noxious. A digital photo of the plant material, a graph of the plants spectral reflectance, and a downloadable ASCII flie of the actual spectrum is provided. We encourage users to download spectra for remote image analysis within these regions and vegetation types, both for burn severity and other applications.

Scientific Name Common Name Classification Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
Acer glabrum Rocky Mountain maple Native  ACGLDO.jpg ACGLDO.jpg ACGLDO.txt
Achillea millefolium Common yarrow Native/Introduced ACMI.jpg ACMI.jpg  ACMI.txt 
Anaphalis margaritacea Western pearly everlasting Native  ANMA.jpg ANMA.jpg ANMA.txt
Anemone piperi Piper's anemone Native/Introduced ANEMONE.jpg ANEMONE.jpg  ANEMONE.txt 
Apocynum androsaemifolium Spreading dogbane Native  APAN.jpg APAN.jpg APAN.txt
Arnica cordifolia Heartleaf arnica Native  ARCO.jpg ARCO.jpg ARCO.txt 
Bromus spp. Bromus grass Native/Introduced BROMUS.jpg BROMUS.jpg  BROMUS.txt 
Chenopodium album Lambsquarters Native/Introduced CHAL.jpg CHAL.jpg CHAL.txt
Cirsium undulatum Wavyleaf thistle Native  CIUN.jpg CIUN.jpg CIUN.txt
Collomia linearis Tinytrumpet Native COLI.jpg  COLI.jpg  COLI.txt 
Elymus glaucus Blue wildrye Native ELGL.jpg ELGL.jpg  ELGL.txt 
Epilobium spp. Willowherb Native  EPAN.jpg EPAN.jpg  EPAN.txt 
Equisetum telmateia Giant horsetail Native  EQTE.jpg EQTE.jpg  EQTE.txt 
Eriogonum umbellatum Sulphur-flower buckwheat Native  ERUM.jpg ERUM.jpg ERUM.txt
Fragaria vesca Woodland strawberry Native  FRVE.jpg FRVE.jpg FRVE.txt
Galium boreale Northern bedstraw Native  GALIUM.jpg GALIUM.jpg GALIUM.txt
Gaillardia aristata Blanketflower Native GAAR.jpg  GAAR.jpg  GAAR.txt 
Grindelia squarrosa Curlycup gumweed Native  GRSQ.jpg GRSQ.jpg  GRSQ.txt 
Heuchera grossulariifolia Gooseberryleaf alumroot Native  HEGR.jpg HEGR.jpg  HEGR.txt 
Hieracium albiflorum White hawkweed  Native HIAL.jpg HIAL.jpg HIAL.txt
Holodiscus discolor Oceanspray Native  HODI.jpg HODI.jpg HODI.txt
Hydrophyllum capitatum Ballhead waterleaf Native HYCA.jpg  HYCA.jpg  HYCA.txt 
Koeleria macrantha (Ledeb.) Schult. Prairie junegrass Native  KOMA.jpg KOMA.jpg KOMA.txt
Lappula occidentalis Flatspine stickseed Native  LAPOC.jpg LAPOC.jpg  LAPOC.txt 
Lomatium dissectum  Fernleaf biscuitroot Native  LODI.jpg LODI.jpg  LODI.txt 
Lupinus spp. Lupine species Native  LUPINE.jpg LUPINE.jpg LUPINE.txt
Mahonia repens Creeping Oregon grape Native  MARE.jpg MARE.jpg MARE.txt
Montia parvifolia Littleleaf minerslettuce Native  MOPA.jpg MOPA.jpg MOPA.txt
Panicum capillare Witchgrass Native  PACA.jpg PACA.jpg PACA.txt
Penstemon spp. Penstemon species Native  PEGL.jpg PEGL.jpg PEGL.txt
Pinus ponderosa Ponderosa pine Native  PIPO.jpg PIPO.jpg PIPO.txt
Polemonium acutiflorum Tall Jacob’s-ladder Native  POAC.jpg POAC.jpg POAC.txt
Pseudotsuga menziesii Douglas-fir Native  PSME.jpg PSME.jpg  PSME.txt 
Pteridium aquilinum Western brackenfern Native  PTAQ.jpg PTAQ.jpg  PTAQ.txt 
Ribes spp. Currants Native/Introduced RIBES.jpg RIBES.jpg  RIBES.txt 
Rosa spp. Roses Native/Introduced ROSA.jpg ROSA.jpg ROSA.txt
Rubus parviflorus Thimbleberry Native  RUPA.jpg RUPA.jpg RUPA.txt
Spiraea betulifolia White spirea Native  SPBE.jpg SPBE.jpg SPBE.txt
Taraxacum officinale Common dandelion Native/Introduced TAOF.jpg TAOF.jpg  TAOF.txt 
Thalictrum occidentale Western meadow-rue Native  THOC.jpg THOC.jpg THOC.txt
-- Moss species Native  MOSS.jpg MOSS.jpg MOSS.txt
Scientific Name Common Name Classification Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
Alopecurus pratensis Meadow foxtail Introduced ALPR.jpg ALPR.jpg ALPR.txt 
Anthemis cotula Stinking chamomile Introduced ANCO.jpg  ANCO.jpg  ANCO.txt 
Atriplex patula  Spear saltbush Introduced ATPA.jpg  ATPA.jpg  ATPA.txt
Bromus tectorum Cheatgrass Introduced BRTE.jpg BRTE.jpg BRTE.txt 
Centaurea cyanus Garden cornflower Introduced CECY.jpg CECY.jpg CECY.txt 
Daucus carota Queen Anne's lace Introduced DACA.jpg  DACA.jpg  DACA.txt 
Dipsacus fullonum Fuller's teasel  Introduced DIFU.jpg DIFU.jpg DIFU.txt 
Erodium cicutarium Redstem stork's bill Introduced ERCI.jpg  ERCI.jpg  ERCI.txt 
Lactuca serriola Prickly lettuce Introduced LASE.jpg LASE.jpg  LASE.txt 
Malva.spp Mallow Introduced MALLOW.jpg MALLOW.jpg MALLOW.txt
Marrubium vulgare Horehound Introduced MAVU.jpg MAVU.jpg  MAVU.txt
Medicago sativa Alfalfa Introduced MESA.jpg MESA.jpg MESA.txt
Polygonum aviculare Prostrate knotweed Introduced POAV.jpg  POAV.jpg  POAV.txt 
Rumex acetosella Common sheep sorrel Introduced RUAC.jpg RUAC.jpg RUAC.txt 
Rumex crispus Curly dock Introduced RUCR.jpg RUCR.jpg RUCR.txt
Sisymbrium altissimum Tall tumblemustard Introduced SIAL.jpg  SIAL.jpg  SIAL.txt 
Tragopogon dubius Yellow salsify Introduced TRDU.jpg  TRDU.jpg  TRDU.txt 
Trifolium pratense Red clover Introduced TRPR.jpg  TRPR.jpg  TRPR.txt 
Trifolium spp. Clover Introduced CLOVER.jpg CLOVER.jpg CLOVER.txt
Triticum aestivum Domestic wheat Introduced DOMWHT.jpg DOMWHT.jpg DOMWHT.txt 
Verbascum thapsus Common mullein Introduced VETH.jpg VETH.jpg VETH.txt 
Vicia villosa Winter vetch Introduced VIVI.jpg VIVI.jpg VIVI.txt 
Scientific Name Common Name Classficiation Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
Bassia scoparia Burningbush Noxious (B) BASC.jpg BASC.jpg BASC.txt
Centaurea diffusa Diffuse knapweed - leaves Noxious (B) CEDI.jpg CEDI.txt CEDI.txt
Centaurea diffusa Diffuse knapweed - flowers Noxious (B) CEDI_FLR.jpg CEDI_FLR.txt CEDI_FLR.txt
Centaurea solstitialis Yellow star-thistle - leaves Noxious (B) CESO.jpg CESO.jpg CESO.txt
Centaurea solstitialis Yellow star-thistle - flowers Noxious (B) CESO_FLR.jpg CESO_FLR.jpg CESO_FLR.txt
Centaurea stoebe Spotted knapweed Noxious (B) CEST.jpg CEST.jpg CEST.txt
Chondrilla juncea Rush skeletonweed Noxious (B) CHJU.jpg CHJU.jpg CHJU.txt
Cirsium arvense Canada thistle Noxious (C) CIAR.jpg CIAR.jpg CIAR.txt
Convolvulus arvensis  Field bindweed Noxious (C) COAR.jpg COAR.jpg COAR.txt
Cynoglossum officinale Gypsyflower or hound’s tongue Noxious (B) CYOF.jpg CYOF.jpg CYOF.txt
Hypericum perforatum Common St. Johnswort Noxious (C) HYPE.jpg HYPE.jpg HYPE.txt
Leucanthemum vulgare Oxeye daisy Noxious (B) LEVU.jpg LEVU.jpg LEVU.txt
Potentilla recta Sulfur cinquefoil Noxious (B) PORE.jpg PORE.jpg PORE.txt
Scientific Name Common Name Classification Description Material Photo Spectral Graph ASCII Data
Bromus tectorum Cheatgrass Introduced Senesced BRTE.jpg BRTE.jpg BRTE.txt
Dipsacus fullonum Fuller's teasel  Introduced Senesced DIFU.jpg DIFU.jpg DIFU.txt
Pinus ponderosa Ponderosa pine Introduced Scorched PIPO.jpg PIPO.jpg PIPO.txt
Pseudotsuga menziesii Douglas-fir Native Scorched PSME.jpg PSME.jpg PSME.txt
--  Woodstraw Introduced Dried Woodstraw.jpg Woodstraw.jpg Woodstraw.txt