Schedule of Events

Art Exhibits - Aug 3 - Sept 3, 2012

The professional exhibit at the Bear Gallery and the Community Art Show at Morris Thompson Center were displayed in August 2012.

Take a tour of the Bear Gallery Exhibit

Take a tour of the Community Art Show

First Friday Receptions - Aug 3, 2012   5-7 pm    (Grand Opening!)  

Visual works from the nine participating Alaskan artists were unveiled at the Bear Gallery's First Friday Reception on August 3rd from 5-7 pm.

The Community Art Show, featuring works from members of the fire community along with the public, also had a First Friday Reception at the Alaska Public Lands Information Center (APLIC) at the Morris Thompson Center.

Alaska Pacific University Exhibit in Anchorage     Jan 4-27, 2013   

The Leah J Peterson Gallery at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage hosted a First Friday Reception for the The Art of Fire exhibit on January 4th from 5:30-7pm. This exhibit featured artwork from eight of the nine artists and remained on display through January 27, 2013.

Lecture Series - Aug 15 & 22, 2012    7 PM

The Alaska Public Lands Information Center hosted an evening lecture series featuring participating artists and local fire science researchers. The Art of Fire artists discussed the inspiration for their pieces, the experiences gained through field trips and their artistic process while Alaskan scientists focused on the ecological aspects of wildfire.

Watch the Lecture Series Videos

Featured Speakers - August 15th:

  • Jennifer Barnes  (National Park Service, Regional Fire Ecologist)
  • Jennifer Moss  (artist; painting)
  • Hana Stevenson  (artist; metal and fiber glass sculpture)
  • Jessie Hedden  (artist; mixed media and painting)

Featured Speakers - August 22nd:

  • Sarah DeGennaro  (artist, painting and drawing)
  • Ree Nancarrow  (artist; fiber)

Find out more about the featured artists HERE.

Studio Tour - Aug 4, 2012   Noon - 4 PM

Artist Phil Marshall hosted a tour of his studio, Polhavn Woodfabrik Shop, on August 4th from noon to 4 PM. The Studio Tour is free of change and open to anyone intersted in learning about Phil's inspiration for this project, his wood working shop, and more.