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Funding Opportunities

2018 JFSP Funding Opportunity Update








The FRDAC encourages researchers to consider projects that address topics on the research needs list. Although no funding is allocated specifically for projects, researchers are encouraged to submit proposals to various funding sources (e.g., Joint Fire Science Program, National Science Foundation, etc). Funds may periodically become available through the Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (AWFCG) or directly through individual agencies.

AWFCG will selectively send letters of support for research based on how well they meet the following criteria:

  1. Does the proposal meet the established AWFCG research needs?
  2. Will it benefit multiple agencies?
  3. Does the proposal have direct management application?
  4. Does the proposal provide for appropriate technological transfer?

Contact the FRDAC Chair to request a letter of support.

Submitting a proposal to the Joint Fire Science Program for FY2018? All requests for AWFCG letters of support must be submitted to FRDAC by:

Date TBD

FRDAC encourages you to submit your request earlier if possible.

The Alaska Fire Science Consortium also selectively provides letters of support for science delivery and outreach. Visit this page for more details.