Alaska Fire Research Needs

The Alaska Fire Research Needs List (shown below) is a prioritized list of fire research topics that has been produced by the Fire Research Development and Application Committee (FRDAC) since 2003.  Its purpose is to identify and prioritize data needs of fire and land managers, promote awareness of these needs, and encourage researchers to develop projects that address them.  This list is developed with input from member organizations of the Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (AWFCG)

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The FRDAC encourages researchers to consider projects that address topics on the research needs list.   AWFCG will selectively send letters of support for research based on how well they meet the established criteria.

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Download_Arrow_25x25.png2014 Research Needs List (pdf)

Download_Arrow_25x25.pngTop 5 Research Priorities (pdf)

2014 Fire Research Needs List

Click on each General Topic to see the full description, a list of research questions/needs, and related research (in development). Use the search box on the right to search for terms or phrases within the table below.

PriorityCategoryGeneral TopicGroup ID
 01 Fire Behavior Fire Behavior Models: Validation and Application [LINK]    2010-29
 02 Fire Danger CFFDRS Fire Weather Indices: Evaluation and Calibration [LINK]   2010-04
 03 Climate Change Climate Impacts on Fire Regimes: Past, Present and Future [LINK]   2010-16
 04 Fuels Treatment Fuels Treatments: Short- and Long-Term Effectiveness [LINK]   2010-18
 05 Fire Effects Human Subsistence Lifestyles  [LINK]  2010-09
 06 Pyrogeography Development and Fire Risk [LINK]  2014-1
 07 Tools & Technology New Technologies for Improved Information Delivery & Exchange [LINK]  2014-2
 08 Fire Effects Burn Severity: Detection and Trends [LINK]   2010-06
 09 Weather Fire Weather Forecasting  [LINK]  2010-27
 10 Fire Effects Ungulate Habitat and Populations [LINK]  2010-10
 11 Fire Effects Post-Fire Vegetation Succession Pathways [LINK]  2010-05
 12 Smoke and Carbon
Carbon Sequestration [LINK]  2010-31
 13 Climate Change Climate Change Effects on Fire Effects  [LINK]  2010-01
 14 Fire Effects Hydrology, Wetlands, and Permafrost Features  [LINK]  2010-07
 15 Tactics Fire-Line Rehabilitation Effectiveness [LINK]   2010-25
 16 Fire Effects Invasive Plant Species  [LINK]  2010-15
 17 Tactics Current Fire Management Option Application Effectiveness [LINK]   1010-24
 18 Weather Fire Season Weather Forecasting [LINK]    2010-22
 19 Smoke and Carbon
Smoke Models and Human Impacts [LINK]   2010-23
 20 Fire Effects Fish Habitat and Populations [LINK]    2010-13
 21 Socio, Education and Information Fire Outreach and Public Awareness [LINK]  2010-30
 22 Fuels Treatment Utilization of Fuels Treatment Byproducts [LINK]   2010-19
 23 Tactics Fire Suppression Method Effectiveness [LINK]   2010-26
 24 Fire Effects Wild Berry Productivity and Availability [LINK]   2010-14
 25 Fire Effects Bird Habitat and Populations [LINK] 
 26 Fire Effects Furbearer and Small Mammal Habitat and Populations [LINK]  2010-12
 27 Fuels Decomposition Rates of Woody Debris [LINK]   2010-28

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Please contact the FRDAC chairperson if you are interested in pursuing research topics on the list. The committee can provide valuable information regarding details about management needs, potential contacts, funding opportunities, and current efforts pertaining to the topic.