The purpose of the Fire Research Development and Application Committee (FRDAC) is to identify and prioritize fire research needs in Alaska, and facilitate the development and exchange of fire effects, fire behavior, fire danger and weather information.  The FRDAC is sponsored by the Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (AWFCG) and has been an organized committee since 1998. The FRDAC also works closely with the Alaska Fire Science Consortium in organizing fire science delivery opportunities along with many others in the Alaska fire management and academic communities.

Membership of the FRDAC includes one representative from each AWFCG member agencies: Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry; Alaska Department of Fish and Game; Bureau of Indian Affairs; Bureau of Land Management; National Park Service; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; USDA Forest Service, and a Native organization, currently represented by Chugachmiut.

FRDAC Charter  (pdf)

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FRDAC Members

Eric Miller, BLM - AFS (CHAIR)
Fire Ecologist

Jennifer McMillan, BLM 
District Office Representative

Jennifer Barnes, NPS
Regional Fire Ecologist

Tom Paragi, ADFG
Wildlife Biologist

Chris Wennogle, BLM -AFS*

Jennifer Hrobak, NPS (VICE-CHAIR)
Assistant Fire Ecologist

Kristine Kosnik, BIA*
GIS Specialist

Tom St. Clair, BLM*
Fire Management Specialist

Lisa Saperstein, USFWS 
Regional Fire Ecologist

Sue Rodman, ADFG*
Program Coordinator 


Jake Dollard, BIA
Fire Management Officer

Nathan Lojewski, Chugachmiut
Forestry Manager

Julie Vorachek, USFS*
Fire Management Officer

KT Pyne, Alaska DOF 
Strategic Fire Planner

* = Indicates alternate committee members.

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Please contact FRDAC Chair
Eric Miller if you are interested in pursuing an identified research need or have any other questions/comments.

Eric Miller
BLM Alaska Fire Service

















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