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Alaska Fire Modeling Webinars and Workshops

The list below contains links to materials presented at fire behavior modeling related webinars and workshops including videos, presentations, handouts, and other supplemental information.

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2017-02-08 Webinar DOF and AFS GIS servers [LINK] Dan LaBarre & Jennifer Jenkins
2016-05-24 Webinar WFDSS Analyses: Getting Ready for the 2016 Season [LINK] Robert Ziel, Laurie Kurth, & Lisa Saperstein
2016-03-16 Webinar When Do the Old Burns Matter? and Feathermoss: A Fuel Bed Misfit [LINK] Tom St. Clair & Eric Miller
2016-02-16 Webinar NFDRS 2016: Changes to Fuel Moisture Estimation for Fire Danger and Fire Behavior Assessments in Alaska and the Lake States [LINK] Robert Ziel
2015-04-23 Webinar 2015 Alaska WFDSS Refresher Training/Modules [LINK] Peter Butteri & KT Pyne
2014-12-04 Webinar Adventures with IFTDSS on the Kenai Peninsula [LINK] Lisa Saperstein
2014-02-25    Webinar Alaska Fire Modeling Lessons Learned from 2013  [LINK]     Lisa Saperstein, Brian Sorbel, Robert Ziel
2013-05-16   Workshop Fuel Moisture Sampling Workshop  [LINK] Jennifer Barnes, Eric Miller, Jen Northway, James Higgins
2013-04-18 Webinar Alaska WFDSS Modeling Refresher  [LINK] Mitch Burgard, Jennifer Barnes, Tom St. Clair
2012-03-05 Workshop Alaska Fire Modeling Workshop   [LINK] Various  (Marsha Henderson - Facilitator)
2012-01-11 Webinar Fire Modeling - Calibration  [LINK] Ben Pratt
2011-12-08 Webinar Fire Modeling - Weather  [LINK] Tom St. Clair 
2011-11-10 Webinar Fire Modeling - Landscape Edits  [LINK] Marsha Henderson 
2011-08-18 Webinar Fire Modeling - Overview  [LINK] Marsha Henderson  (Facilitator)
2011-07-18 Meeting Fire Modeling Meeting - Notes (pdf, 2 MB) Marsha Henderson  (Facilitator)
2011-03-16 Webinar LANDFIRE National Alaska - Webinar Series  [LINK] Various
2011-11-07 Workshop         LANDFIRE Fuels Calibration Workshop  [LINK] Various (Lisa Saperstein & Jan Passek - Facilitators)