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    Looking for Beginner and Experienced WFDSS  Modelers for 2017 Fire Season.  Interested?



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    CNN Video: Laptops Used to Predict Wildfire Movement



    Draft revisions to 2008 Fuel Model Guide to Alaska Vegetation

    The information posted here includes a draft revision of the guide as of September 2017.

    Your Input is Needed! The Fire Behavior and Modeling Group is leading a revision of the 2008 Fuel Model Guide. When complete, the revised guide will include better photo documentation, more fire behavior comments, suggestions for alternate fuel models to use under different conditions, and help with characterizing post-fire habitats. 

    We hope to finalize the revision in winter 2017. We are looking for photos and feedback from people familiar with fire in Alaska and those who have opportunities to observe fire behavior during the fire season, particularly in Closed Black Spruce and Open Black Spruce forest types.

    For questions or comments, please contact


     Click here for recording from "WFDSS Analyses: Getting Ready for the 2017 Season" on May 17, 2017, organized by the Fire Modeling and Analysis Committee and presented by Rick Stratton, Jennifer Barnes, and Robert Ziel.

     Click here for recording from "DOF and AFS GIS servers" on February 8, 2017, organized by the Fire Modeling and Analysis Committee and presented by Dan LaBarre and Jennifer Jenkins.

    Click here for recording from "WFDSS Analyses: Getting Ready for the 2016 Season" on May 24, 2016, organized by the Fire Modeling and Analysis Committee and presented by Robert Ziel, Laurie Kurth, and Lisa Saperstein.

     Click here for recording and presentations from March 16, 2016 Fire Modeling and Analysis Committee Webinar by Tom St. Clair and Eric Miller: "When Do the Old Burns Matter?" and "Feathermoss: A Fuel Bed Misfit"

    Fire behavior analysis is an ever-evolving field with new data, models, and information. Analysts can help fire managers to answer a variety of questions but it is difficult to stay informed on the tools available.

    A proactive group of analysts, modelers, fuels specialists, and others have gathered to discuss these modeling tools and their application to fire management questions in Alaska. This informal group is open to anyone interested in learning more about fire behavior modeling.

    The Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group also charters a Fire Modeling and Analysis Committee to provide specific expertise to the interagency fire management community.

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    A variety of both Alaska specific and general use products are available including information on fuel models, LANDFIRE fuels data, FSPro Analysis and more.

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