Consortium Presentations

    trainor_consortium.jpgAlaska Fire Science Consortium
    Presenter: Sarah Trainor
    Meeting: 2010 JFSP Board Visit
    Downloads: Presentation Slides (pdf; 1.2 MB), Recording (wmv; 10.5 MB)

    The Alaska Consortium is part of a national effort to improve technology transfer between management and reseachers. The consortium is gearing up for several upcoming events, including the annual workshop.

    trainor_techtransupdate1.jpgAlaska Fire Science Consortium Tech Transfer Update
    Presenter: Sarah Trainor
    Meeting: 2010 Workshop
    Download: Presentation Slides (pdf; 389 kb)

    The 2009 survey results were summarized and future action items were identified. The 2010 Technology Transfer Survey in now available.

    trainor_brainstormingsciencedelivery1.jpgBrainstorming - The Missing Links in Science Delivery
    Presenter: Sarah Trainor
    Meeting: 2010 Workshop
    Download: Presentation Slides (pdf; 506 kb)

    This brainstorning session addressed several questions including: a) How can scientists help support management decisions? b) How can we integrate this information into the field? c) Where are the missing links in AK fire science information? d) How can the Consortium be most effective?

    northway_fuelsforum1.jpgFuels Forum - What's Happening in Your Neck of the Woods? 
    Presenter: Jen Northway
    Meeting: 2010 Workshop
    Download: Presentation Slides (pdf; 469)

    Workshop attendees were incouraged to share what fuels related projects were going on in their area or zone, the goals of the projects, and any interesting or helpful lessons learned.

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