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    July 27, 2011: Science Daily 
    Tundra Fires Could Accelerate Climate Warming

    July 27, 2011: Science Daily
    Largest Recorded Tundra Fire Yields Scientific Surprises

    July 25, 2011: Discovery News
    Climate Change to Spawn More Wildfires

    July 23, 2011: NBC Bay Area
    Fighting Wildfires With Science

    July 8, 2011: Science Daily 
    Fire to Become Increasingly Important Driver of Atmospheric Change in Warming World

    June 29, 2011: Science Daily
    Peat Widlfire Smoke Linked to Heart Failure Risk

    June 27, 2011: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    El Nino-Southern Oscillation and other climate patterns play a major role in 2010; 2010 one of the two warmest years on record

    June 14, 2011: Grist
    Science Connects Climate Change and Widlfire. Why Won't the Media?

    June 11, 2011: Anchorage Daily News
    Fire is a Natural Part of the Forest Ecosystem

    May 31, 2011: Ecosystem Marketplace
    Up in Smoke: Can Carbon Markets Help Reduce Forest Fires?

    May 19, 2011: Juneau Empire
    Wildfires of the Rain Forest

    May 12, 2011: Scientific American
    New Report Warns Mega-Fire Risk is Global and Growing 

    April 2, 2011: SNRAS Science & News
    In a Time of Change: The Art of Fire

    March 31,2011: Wildfire Lessons Learned Center, Advances in Fire Practice
    Fire Drives Change in the Arctic

    March 2, 2011: Fairbanks Daily News Miner
    New study states boreal forest shifting as Alaska warms

    March 1, 2011: SNRAS Science & News
    Study illustrates shifting boreal forest ecosystem in Alaska

    February 25, 2011: Science Daily
    Fire Paradox: Learning to Live With Fire

    February 20, 2011: Science Daily
    Frequent, Severe Fires Turn Alaska Forests Into a Carbon Production Line

    January 18, 2011: Science Daily
    Radiometer Finds Sources of Fire

    January 13, 2011: The American Polar Society
    As Arctic Temperatures Rise, Tundra Fires Increase

    January 4, 2011: SNRAS Science & News
    2010 Ice Storm: Tree damage requires immediate study



    December 27, 2010: Anchorage Daily News
    Tok school heats by biomass and help reduce fire danger

    December 12, 2010: Alaska Dispatch
    Are Alaska's wildfires accelerating global warming?

    December 6, 2010: Science Daily
    Northern Wildfires Threaten Runaway Climate Change, Study Reveals

    December 6, 2010: Anchorage Daily News
    Study: Alaska wildfires could trigger 'runaway climate change'

    November 18, 2010: Science Daily
    As Arctic Temperatures Rise, Tundra Fires Increase