About the Alaska Fire Science Consortium

    The AFSC is one of fifteen regional consortia supported by the Joint Fire Science Program and is part of a national fire science knowledge exchange network.  Our primary purpose is to strengthen the link between fire science research and on-the-ground application by promoting communication between managers and scientists, providing an organized fire science delivery platform, and facilitating collaborative scientist-manager research development.

    Primary Goals:

    1. Coordinate current science delivery efforts. 
    2. Facilitate two-way communication between scientists and a diverse array of fire and land/resource managers. 
    3. Provide an organized, centralized arena for effectively delivering fire science information. 
    4. Work with managers to ensure that delivery and outreach mechanisms are practical and that they continue to evolve to with needs of the management community.

    To ensure that these goals are achieved, the AFSC is guided by an interagency Advisory Board consisting of volunteers from a variety of different professional backgrounds. The Advisory Board meets periodically to help guide and evaluate the direction of Consortium activities, communicate and prioritize the needs of the research and management communities, and assist in organizing and implementing Consortium events.

    More Information

    Operating Guidelines and Governance Charter  (pdf; 115 kb)

    AFSC 2014 Annual Report (pdf; 1.8 MB)

    AFSC 2013 Annual Report (pdf; 1.5 MB)

    AFSC 2012 Annual Report (pdf; 1 MB)

    AFSC 2011 Annual Report (pdf; 2.3 MB)

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